Thursday, August 13, 2015

Top Ten Movies of 2015 That Will Make You and Your Wallet Happy

Another great year has passed for the movie industry yet 2015 is shaping up to become one of the most loved and memorable years for movie-goers, fans, and enthusiasts alike. Many might feel like that these movies will literally blow a hole through their leather wallets, but rest assured that you will survive this year's barrage of nostalgic and wonderful movies by going through this awesome list with not just an intact wallet, but a smiling one as well. The road to your list of bang-for-your-buck 2015 movie begins here:

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Set-up 30 years after the events of the Episode 6 - The Return of the Jedi, the galaxy is once again under threat against a new unknown foe. The movie promises to show case new lead and returning original characters from the previous movies, and also the addition of wonderfully threatening Sith villain in order to build a new galactic-scale adventure that will drive passionate fans, and interested movie-goers satisfied to the edge of their seats. So buckle up people, because this is one movie that will surely you don't want to miss.

Jurassic World. Set-up 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World is finally open to cater the dinosaur fans' hunger to experience real live breathing dinosaurs. The movie setting returns to Isla Nublar, the location of the first movie, where the dream of John Hammond has finally come to fruition.  Based on the previous movie, we all know that things and events will not end well for Jurassic World, because "life will always find a way" as boldly stated by Ian Malcolm or just that scientists playing God gets in over their heads again. A lot of hype and promises has been cemented into this movie including the addition of genetically modified hybrid dinosaurs, human trained Velociraptors, and fully functioning dinosaur viewing rides and show.  Surely this is one movie that you don't want to miss especially if you are a fan of the Jurassic Park trilogy or you are just one of the many people that just want to pay and see a promising summer science-fiction movie.

Avengers: Age of Ultron. Earth's mightiest heroes once again assemble to fight a global threat that could burn the world into ashes again. Ever thought of how the first Avengers movie could not get any bigger, then now we could safely swallow our assumptions and nod on how wrong we are. This movie serves as the volcanic eruption from the build-up that resulted from all phase two movies. The Avengers now confronts a far greater threat than Loki in the form of James Spader's Ultron, a self-aware and self-teaching artificial intelligence. Not only that our heroes will have to face Ultron in this movie, but each of them needs combine forces in order to wrap-up an unfinished business left by Hydra at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A ton of promise including new Avenger members are hyped into this movie, and I am sure Marvel will deliver on what they swore and get there billion dollar income once again. Comic book and Marvel Cinematic fans could not get any bigger 2015 movie treat other than through this movie. Oh the joy!

Spectre. Daniel Craig's James Bond returns once again in order to investigate the layers of a sinister organization known as SPECTRE. Not only is that MI6 under the protection of Ralph Fiennes’ M currently fighting political threats and pressures that could possibly down the organization's existence to null. Sadly not much juicy information has been officially unveiled for this movie yet but it is expected to be released on November 6, 2015. If you are a fan of James Bond, then this is one movie you could look forward to especially how beautifully Daniel Craig's James Bond defeats his foes via old fashioned brawl.

Ant-Man. This version of Ant-Man is centered around Scott Lang who is mentored by the original Ant-Man, Dr. Hank Pym. This hero's powers, which is to reduce his body size and can increase in strength, might not be great on paper, but his comic involvement is way deeper than it seems. Currently set-up in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America, this is one of those origin movies that you should get excited more especially after the gutsy promotional poster Marvel came up. Seeing that Ant-Man will finally connect with the other Avengers at the movie Captain America: Civil War; this is one of the most anticipated movies that tread on so much potential and promise.

Terminator: Genisys. After the release of its first trailer, the Terminator movie universe finally goes to the path of adding branching possibilities and parallel timelines. Not to sound too confusing, but time-travel and parallel universe theme inherently is supposed to be a little confusing though in a good way. In 2029, John Connor and the Resistance finally is on the verge of winning the war with Skynet, but recent news from his army unit, Tech-Com, solidifies his fear that the machines have a way to reverse the outcome of the future again. Instead of just attacking the past, Skynet plans to attack both the past and the future in order to fortified its victory of the upcoming war in the future - talk about an attempted double whammy! A lot of Terminator fans are happy that the franchise is going with the path of X-men: Days of Future Past, because that movie actually renewed the X-men movie universe and gave way to an upcoming greater film, X-men: Apocalypse. As a Terminator fan myself, I couldn't be more excited especially after my big disappointment with Terminator: Salvation. This is one movie that is showing a lot of promise and the beginning of greater things to come for the Terminator universe.

The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay - part 2. The conclusion of the Hunger Games series immediately setup after the events of Mocking Jay - part 1. The war with the Capital is reaching to an end and Katniss Everdeen continues to join the frontline instead of remaining as the face of propaganda attacks. Many readers of the Mocking Jay book find it lackluster compared to the first two novels, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but let's face facts that Hollywood, though severely challenged, would not allow the supposedly epic conclusion of the Hunger Games series to turn 360 degrees and flop. We could safely look at how Breaking Dawn - Part 2 turn out better after the addition of an "epic battle" scene that was actually left untapped in the book. The fans of the series and movie enthusiasts alike can expect surprises, and twists that could be worth remembering and making your wallet smile because of money well spent.

Furious 7. The Fast and Furious series continues after the victory of Dominic Toretto and his crew against Owen Shaw. Supposedly, everyone in the crew including Paul Walker's Brian O' Conner finally is able to live peaceful lives in America, but instead they are once again challenged with a new threat in the face of Jason Statham's Ian Shaw. After hearing the death of one their crew members at the hands of Ian Shaw, the crew assembles once again and set out to find the one responsible of killing their own. Hopefully, this movie will showcase a little bit more on the street races as well instead of just the epic battle between Toretto's and Ian Shaw's crew. This is one movie that many will surely come to watch especially because this movie showcases Paul Walker's final performance in the big screen.

Harbinger Down. This movie may not have the biggest actors in it nor was it endowed with a decent budget, in fact, Lance Henriksen, so far was the only recognizable face among the cast. New comer Camille Balsamo was not so terrible and the rest of the cast did a good job. It was actually a good sci-fi/horror movie that was told by a director who knows what he's doing. Harbinger Down tells the story of a Soviet era experiment gone haywire and became a living nightmare for the crew of the fishing trawler, Harbinger, thus the title. Trapped in a boat in the middle of the most inhospitable place on the planet - the Barents Sea and with a storm coming, temperature will drop minus 60 below zero the crew of the Harbinger has nowhere to run. 

Chasing them is a highly evolved and intelligent bacteria that can shapeshift from solid to liquid and vice versa, there is no place in the ship where it can't go. The only way to survive is to fight it off with liquid nitrogen and a few explosives. If you loved the Alien movie, then you will love Harbinger Down. It's a low budget film but has some promise with the pacing and story-telling. I highly recommend it!

Poltergeist. Okay, like most you, I prefer Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist (1982) but director, Gil Kenan did a good job from a studio's standpoint, I mean, he was able to bring in three times as much money as the production budget costs. I'd say it's a success. The story undergoes a more modern modification in terms of not just the feel, but also with the paranormal explanation of the hauntings. Poltergeist 2015 is about a story of a happy family that undergoes problems in life, well probably not as scary as other families do, but they managed to pull through and that is the take away of the film. That part I liked very much.

So, have you seen most of these movies yet? If not, buy the Blu ray or get them at Netflix. Some of these films on this list are yet to be released, so you can still watch them on cinemas. Comment your favorite films below. Cheers!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Benefits of Adding Landscaping to your Commercial Property

They say that people often pass judgement on almost anything they interact with based on superficial constructs. It is commonly known as “the first impression,” and all first impressions become the common denominator, meaning all future assessment of a person or an object will be measured against the first impression.


For example, if you went on a date with a pretty woman and she finds that your attitude is based on her outward appearance, she will not be interested in you because she thinks you’re shallow, and that will be her first impression of you. No matter how hard you’ll try to be sincere, she will always be cautious about you because her first impression of you will always come to mind. And there may be no way of winning her heart at all.

The same is true with residential and commercial real estate property. Buyers will base their judgement on how attractive and comfortable the property is to them before making a commitment to purchase it.

first impression

Even back in ancient times people understood the need for landscaping in palaces and public buildings. Having a professional landscape architect oversee the landscaping on your commercial property will greatly improve place of business. Guests and employees will feel more welcomed each time they go to your office. The fact of the matter is that you are a busy person and you need to oversee almost everything in your business, so let a professional worry about the landscaping than you. You can get great landscaping services from most landscaping companies which includes:


  • Landscape Management
  • Snow Removal Services
  • Irrigation
  • Turf Management

In order to create a lasting impression, you’ll need year-round care for your commercial property. As seasons change they bring all sorts of blessings and, at times, debris like green grass during summer and spring and dried leaves in autumn as well as snow in winter. We will maintain absolute beauty to your place of business. We understand that it’s an investment on your part, because you’d want to please other people as much as yourself in this case. Aesthetics are equally important as location. You will actually save more money if you pay for consistent landscape and property maintenance, than the opposite of it.

landscaping water garden

If you’re still not convinced, then just look at the benefits of having landscaping maintenance on your commercial property here!


  • Creating a positive first impression and a welcoming atmosphere
  • Attract potential customers by enhancing curb appeal
  • Increasing rental revenues by beautifying the area
  • Besides basic investment capital, you will create additional income resources as a result of the aesthetics of your commercial property
  • Your place of business will always have customers or tenants
  • You will spend less on maintenance
  • The property resale value will be 5% - 20% appraised
lawn maintenance service landscaping
We here at Seasonal Landscaping Solutions have green approach to lawn care to our customer’s satisfaction. Everybody loves nature, right? Our methods usually involves creating an environmentally friendly place, making your property a safer; and the use of organic or organic based fertilizers.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Travelling Through The Mediterranean Coast

Along the Mediterranean coast encircles three different continents namely - Europe, Asia and Africa - which lies the best Mediterranean spots one could ever imagine. It offers thrills for a venture of escape to historic predicaments to a night-spot romance with a perfect climate to set the mood. If you think Mediterranean destinations a long time ago were nothing but plain old ruins, prehistoric boredoms and olive trees, but now with historians and archaeologists sparking old flames of nostalgic feelings, it has become the most visited places on Earth. This ancient beauty has something more profound than the places we usually dream about.

mediterranean beach

Greece is popularly known for its gods and goddesses from their polytheistic agrandizing mythology - like the mighty Zeus who ruled the world and owned our books. It also draws the largest percentage of tourists, because of its diverse population and atmosphere which makes one island unique from anothert. But aside from its rich culture, you have to see the pristine waters carved along the steep cliffs of Navagio Beach, at Zakynthos, that’s perfect for people starving for adventure.
A paradise underneath the rocky edges of the cave will have your soul flying in Kefalonia’s Melissani Cave. It’s a pristine lake hiding itself from the rough face of the cave with a big hole cowering above it, where light passes through, and boats that came in here almost look like they’re floating!


Well of course, Greece wouldn’t just let you go without exploring its opulent Santorini. A volcanic island where white houses carved in a spectacular architecture, standing proud on the cliffs captures you instantly. The warm hospitality of the local owners makes it the favorite destination of tourists- and possibly by the gods, too. The resorts here define luxury and romance in a divine perspective.

Not because Greece is branded as the “Old World” is it so quite that you might just miss taking off the spotlight for getting smoking hot on the dance floor. The islands Mykonos, Mallorca and Ibiza are known for its vibrant nightlife and party atmosphere and music bars. Ibiza, in particular, is known for its humongous decadent discos for party-lovers.

mediterranean house

But Mediterranean has more than what Greece had to show off. If you ever think about the fantastic sands of Hawaii, surfing waves of California or the popular beaches of Mexico, pack your bags and explore the Mediterranean coasts.

Did you think only Hawaii has (grammar check or maybe just typo error) got beaches that pulls off different colors? If pink is your hue then we got the perfect beach for you! Italy’s Spiaggi Rossa is a beach with pink-colored sand adorning the blue waters that attracts tourists with its pinkish beauty. 

mediterranean food

And if you just can’t get enough of gold, the Golden Beach of Karpas, Cyprus has a whole beach for you. Here, the Syrian coast is a viewing neighbor where green sea and loggerhead turtles are your friendly visitors stopping by to lay their eggs.

Of course who doesn’t love white sands? SpiaggiasuGiudeu of Italy is a marvelous beach in the South of Sardinia. Rock formations rise above the luscious blue waters where you might just meet your first flamingo friend on a summer day!

When your feet itch to hit the board and ride the waves and fly to Croatia’s Zlatni Rat. It’s a popular beach that it could get crowded during summer- a perfect time to show off your surfing moves!

mediterranean village

If you ever want to fall in love like Helen of Troy and Paris or like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, then this is the best destination. Mediterranean’s calm atmosphere will set you going to kneeling on one bended knee, opening that tiny box wrapped in a beautiful lace to give a diamond ring to your dearly beloved. You could also sit in a coffee table for a lazy morning, listening to classics while chit chatting an old fisherman. And for a cold evening breeze, you can enjoy a toast on a romantic coast. Or you can just simply fall in love with Mediterranean’s rhythm of peacefulness and forget that time exists.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Five Things That People Want From Movies

What are you looking for in movies? Is it the story? The action sequences and the special effects? Or how it affects you in a way that you become emotionally invested in the characters in the movie? Are these simply your expectations, or will you go home and feel like empty-handed or cheated if the film does not deliver? If you’ve answered more seriously than anticipated on these questions, then you must truly have an eye for cinematic storytelling and a hunger to be satisfied by films with good tone and taste.

Personally, I think that the average movie-goer has universal hopes when they go into movie houses and watch the films they’ve read on newspapers and magazines, listened to on the radio, or seen on TV that came from the marketing arm of the movie studio that created them. The main goal for filmmakers is to keep the audience interested, because if they fail on that part, then people will have a bad impression on them. The result will most likely be that people won’t want to watch films with the director’s name attach to it, and to the more careful observer they might mark the producers and the movie studio itself, God forbid!

To the filmmakers who are reading this blog, I can understand that this may feel a bit odd and even like taking you back to school, but it’s really not. For the rest, however, this is a good information to fix your bearing if in case you want to have a good set of expectations – this blog can be your guide. Whether you’re going to watch a big budgeted film or just those that focus on the story more than the climatic effects of CGI and explosions, you will need to take these five important things into consideration:

  • Take the Audience to an Adventure. Try not to fall into the common mistakes that filmmakers make, where they seem to confuse the audience more through a maze of satirical redundant scenes that are all too familiar. Allow them to discover the “Easter eggs” (not related to superhero films) for themselves! You can guide them to a completely new place, person, or thing. You can also delve into their subconscious mind by letting them experience the beauty of a certain object or the aesthetic nature of something.
  • Get them to Invest not just on Movie Tickets but their Thoughts and Emotions as well. It’s not uncommon for films to explore human emotions as well as their conscious and subconscious mind, but attempting to manipulate the audience into it can backfire and cause them to lose interest in the film altogether. Again, as with the first point of this blog post, you must allow the audience to explore the film on their own. The more surprises and twists you put in there, the better! Joy, sadness and fear are perhaps the easiest emotions to convey in films, I think we’ve been able to make people laugh, cry and get frightened in their cinematic experiences. The more complex the emotion is, the more difficult it becomes for people to relate to it, and a clever screenplay and director is required in order to successfully accomplish it.
  • Help People Understand what the Story is About. Remember that your audience are not all psychologists or rocket scientists, so even though you’re making a movie about gene splicing, try to explain it to them in a much more comprehensive manner without all the technical jargons.
  • Deliver Fun and Surprises. Unexpected plot twist that will send shivers down their spines as well as giggles is a good way to start. Go the extra mile by adding beauty and different desires of the characters and make the audience want to own those qualities as well.
  • Give them an Experience that will Transform their Lives. This can be either for the viewer or for the characters on screen (and thus potentially replicated by the viewer too)/ I’ll go out on a limb and say that TV and movies are actually tools for mind conditioning; now it’s up to the filmmakers to use it for a good thing or the opposite. If your movie is about righteousness, then show it through the characters and make people want to be like those characters they see in the film. If it is a dark tale that can affect people negatively, then try to focus on how undesirable these qualities are.

It’s surprising sometimes at how many opportunities we miss when we forget how to entertain and inspire audiences, because we became too ambitious in our filmmaking projects. By taking a moment to reflect on our work and retracing our steps we find treasures that helps us make a better film.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Different Deep Sea Explorations

Humans might be the most curios and questioning living creature in this planet. They possess the urge to know what the things around them are. What are those things there? How do these things work? How did these things began, and questions of the like that satisfies human curiosity. Proof of this natural trait that human beings possess are the different kinds of explorations, be it beyond the sky, underground, inside a body (humans or animals), plants and even in the depths of the sea. And speaking of which, this article is will be tackling about one of humanity’s pride - exploration, the “Deep sea exploration” or to be more specific, “The different deep sea exploration.”

What is a deep sea exploration? Well, for all of us to know, a deep sea exploration is the means of scientists, particularly explorers, to gain information on the conditions of the sea-bed physically, chemically and even biologically. Unlike geographic explorations or research, deep sea exploration is just a rather recent activity by humans. This is because unlike researches on the surface of the earth where access to most places is relatively easy the ocean is not their natural habitat. Humans are limited to the things that they can do. And also humans don’t have the capability to withstand the pressure under water which is several hundred pounds per square inch (PSI), enough to crush your lungs like a balloon. These are also financial reasons as deep sea explorations are costly. But even with these limitations, it still didn’t break the will of some people who braved the unknown and knowing full well of the certain dangers that they’ll be facing. 

It simply didn’t stop humans from wanting to gain every bit of information there is to get. Since deep sea explorations are fairly recent; there were only two deep sea explorations that have ever been accomplished. The first was over a hundred years back and were called the Vikings and the second recorded exploration of the deep sea was called the Deepsea Challenge.

Vikings were a group of seafarers who raided and terrorized Europe from their Scandinavian homeland and trade it from their homeland. Maybe at this moment you are confused by how these Vikings became the first deep sea explorers. This is because; Vikings specifically that was led by Eric the Red did had a contribution in the deep sea exploration. This contribution was the “sounding weights”, the “sounding weights” are special equipment that is used to measure the depth of the sea and take samples from the sea-bed. The sounding weights are of course a weight in which is made of lead attached to a very long rope. Once the sounding weights reached the sea-bed it is then pulled from the water along with it the sediments it had collected. After the weight has been retrieved, the depth of the sea will then be measured using a man’s arm span from fingertip to fingertip. A full arm span of a man is called a fathom, that is how Vikings estimated the depth of the sea and that is also how Vikings contributed to the deep sea explorations as the first sea explorers from Scandinavian Europe.

The last and most recent deep sea exploration was the “Deapsea challenger”. The Deepsea Challenge first mobilized on March 26, 2012 led by James Cameron in partnership with National Geographic and explored the depths of the Mariana Trench. The Mariana Trench was located about 200 miles from Guam and has a depth of 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers). The goal of the team led by James Cameron was to learn from every gathered data from the trench. The equipment used was a submersible complex of 24 foot in length (7.3 meters long) with an arm-like mechanism to grab things and fully equipped with cameras inside and out. It is said that this exploration will lead to many possible discoveries particularly on detecting natural disasters like tsunamis, underwater volcanic eruptions etc.

Humans have only explored 5% of the totality of the ocean on earth. Man has gone outside of earth’s atmosphere before even exploring the majority of the earth’s deepest oceans. Imagine the possibilities if humans will explore most of its territories, especially the depths of the seas. The discovery from all of these can help cure complicated diseases or foresee the occurrence of natural disasters. Or technologies from these explorations can be used to further give other explorations hints on how they would do things. Just imagine the possibilities.

Evaluating the Ebola Crisis in Africa: How Soon can They come up with a Vaccine?

West Africa is one of the most affected area with the wide spreading disease Ebola virus. The occurrence of the virus began at Guinea in December 2013 but the virus was not detected until March 2014. Researchers said that the first human case of Ebola Virus started from the 2-year-old boy and died last March. The mother of the said child, his little sister and his grandmother then became unwell and died. Since then, people get infected and the virus spread to other villages. In the fifth of September 2014, The World Health Organization and Centers of Disease Control stated that it was around 3685 assumed cases with 1841 deaths.

There are so many difficulties faced attempting to stop the outbreak. Lack of medical equipment and medical personnel as well as lack of soap and water for disinfection are one of these difficulties. Lack of water and sanitation in the area is the most serious thing that made the condition worst. Many hospitals stopped their operations due to lack of staff and afraid of the virus among their patients and other employees that are infected.Medical community is exerting effort heatedly finding the best solution to it. Many organizations and international bodies have donated more funds and gather workers to assist and some charities are also helping in the area.Even political and public health leaders show their sympathy to address the mishap by visiting the region.

World Health Organization agreed from their two days meeting that the blood of Ebola virus survivors can be used to help the infected people to be treated. They all decided that the blood therapies and convalescent serums is a great help to the victims of Ebola virus.There are two vaccines identified and safety results from trials may be available within weeks. This vaccine would be given to health care workers because they are believed to be the most exposed to the disease. Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny an assistant director of World Health Organization said to change the mind setting of everyone from no hope to a realistic hope. The doctor also added that nearly 200 scientist, ethicist and clinicians all over the world had agreed to identify the most promising vaccines and possible treatment and effective strategies for testing them. 

The two vaccine that is not yet tested in human will undergo initial testing to small number of volunteers in Britain, United States and Mali. The prioritization plan of ethicist is that if the initial testing of vaccines were successful it should directly be given to health workers and other staff in West Africa. It is also important to monitor the results to make sure that vaccines were not dangerous and will not cause people prone to the disease. More than 10,000 doses of one vaccine may be presented by the end of 2014. These vaccines were being tested by its developers from GlaxoSmithKline and the United States National Institute of Health and British Consortium.

UN secretary General Ban Ki-moon said to the reporters that the United Nation is making an Ebola Crisis Center. He also said that the number of cases is rising exponentially and the spreading is fast than the response and people are frustrated that it is not being controlled. He added that the goal is to stop Ebola from spreading and this can be done if the urgent response is done in the affected countries and by the international community.

The director of the U.S National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci and other doctors agreed that one way to control the epidemic are some interventions, like health care workers in the field, protective gear, medical care and fast tracking of infected person.

With the vaccine and with the blood from the virus survivors, the problem might be responded directly fighting the disease. But with the number of survivors and with the number of infected, the amount of blood is not enough with the limit of blood amount that can be taken from the survivors. The Ebola patients want a faster response to cure them. They want a chance to be cured. Avery minute is wasted!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Improve your Website with these Top 3 SEO Tips

In the past entrepreneurs fought for market competition by creating video ads for TV, audio ads for radio and text ads for print media. Today there’s that thing called SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” and it is better than old school marketing – way way better.

This generally means more traffic to your site/ SEO, in a way, is just like ancient ads – they saturate the market for a certain business as much as possible – except this time it is done on the web. The rationale behind this is to get as close to the first page of search engines like Google and Bing as possible, so that when users make a query your site will be listed first, which will essentially give you more customers.

Of course there are serious web masters who can do SEO like a Jedi. But did you know there are some basic SEO stuff that you could do and has been proven to work also?

These 3 SEO tips should get you started:

Use Keywords

Now the first thing to know about SEO is to find out where your website ranks among popular search engines. And oh yes, you will also need to first create a website before do a page rank check otherwise it will not work. A new site will usually rank as far as 14 millionth – that’s 13.99 million ranks from the first rank!

Once you’ve figured this out, then you need to choose a niche where you will base your website on. If you’re on the wrist watch business, then you should probably name your site with something that defines wrist watches. After that you’ll need to do a keyword research. Find all relevant keywords to “wrist watch” and select those with the lowest competition rate, because the higher ones will be very difficult to use as thousands of established websites are already using them.

Compile all the keywords in a spreadsheet for later use and remember, never use too much on your website or the content you’ll create. This is because you will be penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing and instead of getting ranked you’ll be banned.

For instance your keyword is “rado watches,” you can sprinkle it throughout your website (i.e. the home page description, the about us page, or on the content itself). Basic SEO guidelines suggests that you use a keyword between 2-5 times per paragraph in your content. Anything more than that is suicide.

Create High Quality and Engaging Content

Remember all those keywords that you saved in a spreadsheet? Well this is what you’ll use it for! So, write great content, use keywords appropriately and upload them on your website. Content is great is your website has a blog on it because you’ll be able to use these keywords more often.

Aside from the content for your website and your blog you will also need to syndicate your articles in order to market your website more. So this is like old school advertising and you’re using the blog posts as a TV or radio ad to tell the world that you’ve just created your website and it has lots of good stuff on it that people want to see. Continue reading to find out more about why you’ll need to syndicate your articles.

Don’t Forget to Create Backlinks to Your Main Site

Article syndication is nothing more than submitting articles on article directory sites to drive web traffic to your site. In this case; however, the keywords that you used becomes the “anchor text” in which you embed the link to your webpage, so that when people read your articles and they hover the cursor over the anchor text they can click it and instantly visit your website.

The more visitors your website gets the higher you rank in search engines and you will get more potential customers who will buy your wrist watches. So now you know basic SEO.