Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Power of Hugging

Ever wonder why we feel very comfortable when someone close to our hearts or even someone we only knew a few days ago gives a soothing feeling when they hug us? When we feel a sudden excitement, we usually hug someone near us unexpectedly, when we feel so down, hugs can change everything.

Even in our sleep, study shows that when a person sleep without hugging any pillows or stuff, that person usually doesn’t worry eighty percent of his day. When you sleep surrounded by lots of pillows, you want to fit-in a crowd and be happy. And lastly, when someone hug just one pillow, that person is missing someone and wishing that, that pillow is him.

It is just sad that not all things in this world can give us happiness, is always giving us happiness. Sometimes, we really need to understand the gesture someone is giving us. What it meant and why he or she is doing it.

When we research about kind and meanings of hugs, internet and books will give us a lot of answers. Meaning of hugs depends usually on how long the hug was, if it’s just a quick and polite hug and last for about 5 seconds, it’s just a “polite hug”. When someone embraces you and leans his head above your shoulder and put his hands around your waist, that’s what I like to call “your mine” hug. And by the way, patting in the back to someone you love is a NO! NO! For your information, hugging with a patting in the back means a non-romantic hug.

In the office, some colleagues also hug fellow colleagues with a non-romantic meaning. When a fellow office mate hugs you with a gentle squeeze and a light pat on the back, he or she is just encouraging you. With a semi-close hug with excitement and movement while jumping in circle is just a hug of joy.

In addition, I want to share also what I just heard, psychological facts about hugs also is, when you embrace someone more that 15 seconds, you really like that person. They said that the brain produces a chemistry that make the other person feel comfortable of the hug that the person is giving. So when you receive a hug with that said time and more importantly to someone you cherish, you’re a lucky girl.


Science also has to say about hugging. According to Dr. Paul Zak, you need at least 8 hugs per day to achieve happiness and more connected as well as it will help nurture relationships. With a hug to your romantic partner, 15-20 seconds, you can achieve a spike in oxytocin levels as well as decrease blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels.

With all the things that we found out about the meanings and kinds of hugs, we are now ready to hug someone that will not make them feel awkward towards you. And with the advantage it gives to our health, do yourself a favor ---- go and enjoy hugging!   

Running Effectively

Everybody is into running nowadays. Everyday people go out to run a mile or more trying to burn those stored calories as a form of exercise. As people are becoming health conscious, they need to understand that effective running is very important.

Effective running means, one is achieving the expected results why he or she runs. In order for one to have an effective running, one has to understand that a great factor would be the running shoes. Without good running shoes, effective running would not be achieved. Knowledge about a good running shoe will enable one to have effective running. How?

Before looking for a good running shoe, you should first ask yourself how much running experience you have? How many miles a week do you want to run? What type of surface do you run? These questions will lead you in the right track to probably the best running shoe is for you. The second thing to put in mind is to buy the shoe in the afternoon. Why? Because a person’s feet has the tendency to swell a little bit throughout the day. The third thing is not to buy small shoes. It is important to purchase a shoe with a little space allowance.

You have already understood your program for running and how to buy and not what to buy, you are ready to run. Just don’t forget to wear socks while running to place your feet firmly with the shoes you are using. Follow these suggestions and you will make your running effective.

My Thoughts on a Piece of Paper "Illusion"

I was like a bird wandering up above the clouds. Suddenly, an abyss of grandeur caught my naive eyes. This must be interesting! I wanted to see and feel how it is to be in there. And so I flew down, straight to it as fast as I could. But, as I got nearer I could see big wild trees before it and there were a lot of other birds racing towards it as well. The worst was, there were also birds heading on my direction. I stopped,there I realized that they were competing to be in that abyss of grandeur too. I was afraid, but I already wanted it so much. I wanted it more than they did.

Though I didn’t know what the circumstances might be if I’m already there. The idea that this abyss of grandeur will imprison me and escape is no longer possible, and to vanish in a wink of an eye and unheard-of, never came into my intelligence.

I want to be famous and successful, but it is never easy. I should take all the risk to have it. I have people supporting me, expecting great from me and I have competitors pulling me down. But I will never let anyone hamper my way to this big dream. I’m keen to fight in the battlefield if someone will dare do that. I will prove to myself that I am the finest and not just a weak and a looser little blue bird.

Now, I realized that the abyss of grandeur I have only seen from up above has now enslaved me, though I have not been there yet. I am now too selfish; I want everyone to like me and what I do. I am fully aware that I am blinded by splendor, but I do not know how to disconnect myself from this longing anymore. If today they see me splendid, I know one day I will just vanish and they’ll forget me as if I have never existed. I want to see myself a great person but being great where I am truly happy not depending on how great I seem to the people around me.

Everything is just an illusion. Because illusions of grandeur is far different from how I visualize greatness.

Caste System: Can it be Eradicated from History One Day?

The term ” caste system”  has been used to describe the complex system of social divisions that pervades life in India. Caste which is an ancient hereditary system developed alongside,finally became intertwined with Hinduism. Indeed,it has a proven existence  in each and every society in a form or another.One of the form shall be racism! On one side,caste system shall be eradicated one of these days for some people ,it is considered as only a belief, that is instilled in their  mind to respect and receive respect from others.However, it is still open to much criticisms as many societies are not actually ready to embrace change!

  The use of a caste system is not unique to any religion.Castes has been observed in many societies like Muslim,Christian,Hindu or Buddhism.Actually as it is presently  and has always been for a hundred of years , a key feature of life in India,it is quite difficult to eradicate it in that particular country.But without forgetting ,this can be done once those people are ready to change their beliefs.Furthermore,the caste system is the longest proven surviving hierarchy.Such a deeply ingrained social and cultural phenomena has proved exceptionally resistant to legislative process.The trappings of the caste system are still prevalent throughout India despite there has been heavy fines and terms of imprisonment.

As such,the system remains a very apparent feature of modern society; which is affecting marriage,occupations and social standing of Hindus.This system has become so embodied with the religion of Hinduism that to criticize the caste system is to criticize Hinduism! Thus ,it remains the foundation of modern society!

Nevertheless, taking into consideration all the explanations above,you people may arrive at a conclusion that the caste system was ,is ,and will  be an evil to human society.No matter how much you people once more try to eradicate it ,as long as it exists,it will always and always be the cause to discrimination between human beings of different sects or groups!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

3 Reasons Not to Buy Earth Friendly Toner Products

Yes, you read it right! Are you tired of listening to ads convincing you how very useful their goods are? Are you fed up of an endless list of advantages you can get when you purchase their products that seem too good to be true? For a change, I will try to attempt persuading you on 3 reasons why you should NOT buy eco plus cartridges of earth friendly toner. Let me count the ways.

Reason 1: If you have a lot of cash and you don’t bother throwing some of it, then eco plus cartridges is not for you. With earth friendly toner products, you get to save cash around 25% to 70% over the cost of the cartridges that are made by the company that manufactured your printer. This saves you a huge deal of money for your printer ink needs. Whether you are running a company or simply an individual in need of printer inks for personal consumption, saving money will indeed go a long way. Let me compute that for you. Hypothetically, if you buy a Brother LC51 cartridge from another manufacturer that costs $4.99 per ink cartridge and you consume- say- 10 ink cartridges in a week, then that will cost you approximately $49.90 per week. How about when we compute it for a year? So, that’s $49.90 X 52 weeks/year equals $2,594.80 excluding cost of shipping. However with Earth Friendly Toner products, it offers a Value Pack for Brother LC51 with 10 premium compatible cartridges that only cost you $44.99. In a year, you only get to spend $2,339.48, therefore that’s $255.32 less of the total expenses compared to the previous item. It’s a win-win situation here!

Reason 2: If you are easily swayed with BRAND NAMES and frequent commercial exposures in television that serves as your basis for quality printer inks, then go on. Be one of them! Earth Friendly Toner realizes the burden of buying an airtime to endorse our products and later sacrifice either the quality or the price. We take pride on our integrity and commitment to serve our customers treating them as unique individuals with diverse needs and catering to these needs with a friendly approach and mutually-healthy relationship in order to serve you better. Supplying America with Ink and Toner for over 17 years, we can absolutely say that we are doing a good job to offer the word “Quality” that you ultimately deserve. Go on, asks our clients. They will tell you the truth.

Reason 3: If you feel environmental degradation, climate change and pollution is not your problem, then look for another planet. This sounds exaggerated but the issue on our environment is without a doubt a serious matter. Unpredictable weather, melting of polar ice caps and pollution that slowly depletes and diminishes our natural resources; it is time to take a stand. In small ways, you can do something. Earth Friendly Toner is right beside you in this noble task. When you buy eco plus cartridges, you reduce Carbon Dioxide emission when new cartridges are manufactured, you reduce litter, you minimize global contamination of oceans, and you protect landfills. Think of it this way, when you buy eco plus cartridges, you not only satisfy your own needs, but you also help the environment. And when you convince other people to buy our products, you increase the positive impact or recycling. Buying Ink and Toner Products never have been this good.

So, I guess this is practically the only reasons I could think of on why you should not buy earth friendly toner products. Was I successful? 


Amazon to Launch an Android-Based Gaming Console on Black Friday

The rumor mill is at it again and it’s grinding ever more harder than in the recent months only to give us some tidbits of “allegedly” leaked inside information from a mole at Amazon. CNET and a lot of tech-based news websites seems to think that this news is legit as already they have been publishing news about the possibility that Amazon might launch a new kind of gaming console that will rival Apple TV, Chromecast, GameStick and Ouya. But Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are the least bit worried over this even if Amazon’s set-top box version is a cross-between of the hardcore gamers’ gaming console and the faggot Apple TV.

Nevertheless, the fact that Amazon decided their console to be Android-based and that it would be for sale to the public by November makes it newsworthy and has got gamers and techies all hyped up for its release. What kind of graphics can we expect? Will it be as good as Sony’s PlayStation yet at the same time give people unlimited access to movies and music? Or will it be as boring as playing Farmville on your 40-inch plasma TV? Only time will tell but it is doubtful that Amazon will disappoint its patrons, especially on Black Friday which is essentially the kickstarter of the holiday sales in America.

It would be nice if Intel or AMD come aboard Amazon’s set-top box project and provide their kick-ass processors to power the gaming console. While ATI and other companies that specialize in computer graphics will also provide their ingenuity in bringing about this amazing device.

Four Best Tips on Time Management for Working and Stay at Home Mothers

Stay at home moms who are making a living by working online as a freelancer may seem to live the best lifestyles that anyone could imagine; however, this isn’t exactly the case. Even mothers who only have one kid at home will have trouble keeping up with their jobs and taking care of their child. As a result some of them are forced to refuse extra jobs that could increase their earnings just to make time for their kids. But did you know that you can actually manage your time effectively in order to maximize your daily work output and get the best pays?

Here are 4 best tips that you can use to accomplish this:

Tip #1. 

Create or formulate a reliable timetable/schedule.  You need this so you will know when it is time for school, for meals, for naps, for chores, for work, and for many more stuff a mother needs to do on time. One very important thing you might need to have is a personal planner.  You could download a personal planner app or just buy the real one down the store.  It wouldn’t cost you much and it is very sure that it will help you in your day to day life only if you use it properly. When holidays come or significant times come, it is important that you update or change your personal planner.  When times like back to school, winter, summer, etc. come, you should never forget to immediately start thinking about changes you want to pursue.  You could either set goals or modify your concerns in the house.

Tip #2. 

Identify the things or activities that waste your time.  Try eliminating or, at least, minimizing one or more of them.  Every person in the world is guilty of this.  It could be your daily chatting with your friends, your TV, or even your cell phone. In this generation, it could be your Facebook or Twitter account that’s taking most of your time.  It is definitely better to quit or minimize a simple routine that you’ve been doing since about years or so rather than realize in the future that you could’ve done way more better stuff to do than doing those things that could be set aside.  It is difficult and tempting, but it is worth the effort in the end.

Tip #3. 

Always make time for your children; never forget that. You should come to understand that a child is very needy and emotional.  Some of the major or minor mistakes you make in front of them will be stored in their memory until they grow up. You do not want your child to be rebellious or lacking attention when he/she grows up. Sometimes, mothers seem to be too preoccupied with the errands, work, and other important stuff they’re doing, but you should never forget that there is your child out there wanting and needing time from you alone.  Try setting aside those errands for a while and give your child a chance to spend time with you.  Once the child feels or sees that his/her mom spent time with him/her, you could go back to what you’re doing. 

Tip #4. 

Reward yourself!  All mothers have a hard job inside the house and sometimes also outside the house.  Mothers should be given credit for being super women. At the end of the day, sit down and think about what you’ve done for the whole day. You might have done it for many times, but if you come to think about it, you could actually congratulate yourself for doing a lot.  Never forget about yourself or else you’ll go nuts.  Take a nap, go shopping, go out with friends if you want, etc.  You’re still a person, not a robot.  Enjoy the rest of the day and treat yourself.  You know you deserve it.