Saturday, June 21, 2014

Improve your Website with these Top 3 SEO Tips

In the past entrepreneurs fought for market competition by creating video ads for TV, audio ads for radio and text ads for print media. Today there’s that thing called SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” and it is better than old school marketing – way way better.

This generally means more traffic to your site/ SEO, in a way, is just like ancient ads – they saturate the market for a certain business as much as possible – except this time it is done on the web. The rationale behind this is to get as close to the first page of search engines like Google and Bing as possible, so that when users make a query your site will be listed first, which will essentially give you more customers.

Of course there are serious web masters who can do SEO like a Jedi. But did you know there are some basic SEO stuff that you could do and has been proven to work also?

These 3 SEO tips should get you started:

Use Keywords

Now the first thing to know about SEO is to find out where your website ranks among popular search engines. And oh yes, you will also need to first create a website before do a page rank check otherwise it will not work. A new site will usually rank as far as 14 millionth – that’s 13.99 million ranks from the first rank!

Once you’ve figured this out, then you need to choose a niche where you will base your website on. If you’re on the wrist watch business, then you should probably name your site with something that defines wrist watches. After that you’ll need to do a keyword research. Find all relevant keywords to “wrist watch” and select those with the lowest competition rate, because the higher ones will be very difficult to use as thousands of established websites are already using them.

Compile all the keywords in a spreadsheet for later use and remember, never use too much on your website or the content you’ll create. This is because you will be penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing and instead of getting ranked you’ll be banned.

For instance your keyword is “rado watches,” you can sprinkle it throughout your website (i.e. the home page description, the about us page, or on the content itself). Basic SEO guidelines suggests that you use a keyword between 2-5 times per paragraph in your content. Anything more than that is suicide.

Create High Quality and Engaging Content

Remember all those keywords that you saved in a spreadsheet? Well this is what you’ll use it for! So, write great content, use keywords appropriately and upload them on your website. Content is great is your website has a blog on it because you’ll be able to use these keywords more often.

Aside from the content for your website and your blog you will also need to syndicate your articles in order to market your website more. So this is like old school advertising and you’re using the blog posts as a TV or radio ad to tell the world that you’ve just created your website and it has lots of good stuff on it that people want to see. Continue reading to find out more about why you’ll need to syndicate your articles.

Don’t Forget to Create Backlinks to Your Main Site

Article syndication is nothing more than submitting articles on article directory sites to drive web traffic to your site. In this case; however, the keywords that you used becomes the “anchor text” in which you embed the link to your webpage, so that when people read your articles and they hover the cursor over the anchor text they can click it and instantly visit your website.

The more visitors your website gets the higher you rank in search engines and you will get more potential customers who will buy your wrist watches. So now you know basic SEO.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tracy Morgan Caught in a Car Accident and in Critical Condition

The highway crash that killed a New Jersey comedian and injuring actor-comedian Tracy Morgan is being blamed on a truck driver's lack of sleep.

Morgan, although in critical condition, is now recovering in a hospital but he will spent weeks in there before making a full recovery. Also authorities said on Monday that the truck driver responsible for the accident has not slept for over 24 hours.

After posting a $50,000 bail bond, Wal-Mart trucker Kevin Roper, of Jonesboro, Georgia, is now out free but he is expected to make a court appearance tomorrow, Wednesday.

According to the police report Roper – who may have been already snoozing – did not slowed down on a traffic intersection, causing his big rig to smash into the back of a limo bus where Morgan and fellow comedian James "Jimmy Mack" McNair plus 3 more passengers were riding in. McNair was killed instantly while Morgan and the other 3 passengers were all in critical condition.

If a person is consciously operating a vehicle despite lack of sleep and causes injury or death in an accident, then that person can be charged with assault by auto under New Jersey law. Roper has been formally charged with four counts of assault by auto as well as death by auto.

Two of three northbound lanes had been closed about a mile away from the accident area according to a turnpike authority spokesman. This slowed traffic down and caused the turnpike to be congested.

Tom Feeney, a spokesperson for the turnpike said that the accident on Monday, which Morgan was involved in was the only fatal accident in the construction area.

Lewis Kay, Morgan’s spokesman, said he faces an "arduous" recovery after surgery on his broken leg, but his condition is stabilizing now. Morgan is known for being a cast member of “30 Rock” and was formerly a regular in the "Saturday Night Live" show.

Kay said that Morgan's fiancee was with him at the hospital and that he suffered a broken femur, a broken nose and several broken ribs as well.

Meanwhile Bill Simon, who is the President of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said that "will take full responsibility" if the police will ultimately conclude that the truck malfunctioned and caused the accident.

According to Wal-Mart’s spokeswoman, Roper’s truck had advanced early warning system (EWS) that automatically slows the speed of the truck in case of traffic ahead. If the EWS failed then it is more likely the cause of the accident than Roper’s lack of sleep.

The National Transportation Safety Board on the other hand is looking at all possibilities to determine the true cause of the accident.

Wal-Mart believed that Roper was operating within federal regulations. Truck drivers are allowed to work up to 14 hours a day but only a maximum of 11 hours behind the wheel according to federal regulations. This is to ensure that drivers get enough rest and not snooze while on the road. Wal-Mart said that adhering strictly to federal regulations has always been their highest priority.

Morgan was returning to New York from a standup performance at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Delaware when the crash occurred. Aside from Roper’s truck and Morgan’s limo bus there were 6 other cars that got involved in the traffic accident and multiple injuries were also reported. McNair was a close friend and mentor to Morgan.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Kim Kardashian Not Happy With Ireland Honeymoon Escapade

The world just couldn’t get enough of the newlyweds and the succeeding plans they have arranged for themselves. After the sought after, star-studded, and extravagant Kanye West and Kim Kardashiantying of the knot last May 24 at the Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, Kanye West decided to surprise his beautiful wife with their trip to Emerald Isle in Ireland. That should sound exciting and romantic, shouldn’t it? After all, honeymoons are supposed to be pleasant periods of time at the start of a fresh relationship when both parties are at their most euphoric phase. But it seems like Kim Kardashian, now Mrs. West, isn’t a bit thrilled about spending some intimate time with her husband on an isolated island that is miles away from home.

A trusted source reports that Kim confessed to her mother, Kris Jenner, while on her honeymoon about how much she is craving for the feel of shopping on an island that lacks luxury. She would complain to Kris over the phone about being bored and the fact that there are limited to zero high end retailers on the island. Kanye West planned a bike riding outing for the both of them but couldn’t handle the stress by themselves so they decided to bring two assistants with them. The five-star hotel that the couple stayed in while they were at Cork, Ireland wasn’t enough for Kim. 

The most famous among all the Kardashians has gotten so used to the lifestyle she lives as an international reality superstar that she has forgotten how to handle simple things on her own. I bet my bank account on her riding a bike with full make-up, what say you?

Kris Jenner has allegedly tried to convince her daughter to make the most out of the time with her new husband and at the same time calm her cravings down to a much submissive state but to no avail. Kim Kardashian wasn’t in the mood to hear her mother’s rants especially after Kanye revealed his plans of flying to Dublin to experience a private tour of Trinity College. Kim, with all her persuasive powers, urged Kanye to cancel the trip as the idea of going on a trip to a museum would only wear her off and further bore her to death. There isn’t much going on with Kim Kardashian other than shopping. Poor Kanye, he’s been trying so hard to impress his dreamgirl with everything his money could buy and his love could offer.

Kim Kardashian has lived under the spotlight for so long, flaunting her curves draped with only the most expensive designer clothes, living in multi-million dollar houses, driving high-end cars, and dining in five star restaurants that she has easily forgotten how important it is to stay grounded regardless of what fame and fortune brings.

Radar Online reports that Kim Kardashian flew back to her sanctuary, Los Angeles, last Sunday. The couple’s spokespersons had not commented on the issue during the press conference.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s Surrogate Suffer A Miscarriage

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have long before promised their reality show viewers of a shocking season finale and when the episode finally aired on international television, the revelation took us aback and crushed all of our hearts.

Giuliana and Bill have gone through a lot of procedures to increase their chances of getting pregnant. They both searched high and low, state after state, and doctor after doctor for answers to their inability to naturally conceive a child but to no avail. The gravity of their burden pushed them to a near breaking point after Guiliana was diagnosed with breast cancer. The whole world witnessed how much the couple both fought together as Giuliana drove fast into escaping the nightmare we all call cancer.With God’s grace, the blessing we have all been praying very hard and long enough for came on August 29, 2012, as Guiliana and Bill welcomed their first born via a gestational carrier after three unsuccessful in-vitro attempts. Bill revealed that it felt like they hit the surrogate lottery after meeting Delphine who bore Edward “Duke” Rancic. 

Ever since surviving cancer, Giuliana has become a renowned spokeswoman about breast cancer and early detection.

Now that Giuliana and Bill’s son is already turning two, they both decided that it was the best timing for them to expand their family. But only nine weeks into Delphine’s pregnancy,the unexpected happened. The dreadful news of a miscarriage shook the viewers when it was revealed during the couple’s reality show’s season finale. The Rancics admitted that since they were pretty close to getting into the safe zone of pregnancy, the loss of their second child saddened and emotionally drained them as it wasn’t something that they saw coming. Regardless of the many setbacks they have continuously experienced over time, the power couple has never ceased to amaze us with how they both remain strong and focused on the setting their eyes on the brighter side of life. Bill has reassured everybody by saying, “In times like this we rely on our faith. Once the tears went away we started to look towards the future."

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rancic have not given up in trying to give their son Duke a sibling. Bill insisted that he and Giuliana are fighters and that they will both battle the odds out until Delphine is physically ready and willing to give baby number two another shot. Now that’s the spirit, Rancic! 

Giuliana thanks her supporters by saying, "We are incredibly appreciative of all the love and support from our viewers who have been on our journey for the past seven seasons and hope to have good news to share with everyone soon. We have had our share of ups and downs and our faith is strong therefore we know in the end, everything will be OK."
Through the years and all the Giuliana and Bill seasons, E!’s power couple has proved to us that each unfortunate event that takes them a step backwards drives them two steps forward.

E! Has Proven That It Does Take GutzTo Be A Gutierrez

E! has announced quite some time ago about the airing of “It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez” reality tv show starring the controversial but well-loved Filipino celebrity family consisting of the actor Eddie Gutierrez, Annabelle Gutierrez, former beauty queen RuffaGuttierez and her daughtersLorin and Venice, GMA superstar Richard Gutzierrez, and his twin brother slashfashion icon, Raymund Gutierrez.

“It Takes GutzTo Be A Gutierrez” is another first for the entertainment news magnate, E! as it is the first SouthEast Asian reality show ever to be produced. The Gutierrez family has regained their popularity – not like they ever lost it – by becoming the first Asian family to be featured in a reality show. The show gives the public the opportunity to access the dramatic life of the Gutierrez clan through a no-holds-barred six-episode reality series. The family as a whole admitted that it was a privilege to do a show with E! and described the experience of being featured in an international show as a “dream-come-true.”

The reality tv show bears all and hides nothing from the public eye. At the press conference of “It Takes GutzTo Be A Gutierrez”, the matriarch of the family, Annabelle Gutierrez, confessed that the hardest part of the show for her was speaking in straight English while the most exciting part was her being able to show off her jewellery collection to the millions of people watching. The Annabelle Gutierrez we all know hasn’t changed an iota since we last heard from her, has she?

The series is said to include the cruise that the whole Gutierrez brood spent together including brothers Elvis, Ritchie Paul, and Rocky. 

The most shocking revelation so far during the “It Takes A Gutz to be a Gutierrez” opening that aired last Sunday, June 1st, is Richard’s confirmation of his and girlfriend Sarah Lahbati’s baby boy. Richard Gutierrez has denied the fact that Sarah left the country because of her pregnancy while emphasizing that he and his girlfriend are both proud parents of their handsome baby Zion. Richard has cleared the air by stating that: ““The main reason why we didn’t want to announce that I’m having a baby with Sarah was because we didn't want to make Sarah's pregnancy a tabloid circus. We get to share baby Zion with everyone in our own terms.”

It was when Sarah temporarily left showbiz and accordingly flew to Switzerland to study that the rumours started to go around like crazy about her being pregnant with Richard Gutierrez’s baby. Her decision to move out of the country occurred at the same time when she fought a legal battle against GMA Executive Annette Gozon.

Sarah Labhati and Richard Gutierrez’s initial reaction to them finding out about the pregnancy was described as “scared” as it was frightening for both of them to confess to both their parents about the blessing that came too early. They first time they found out about baby Zion’s conception was when they were vacationing in the city of lights in 2012.