Monday, March 26, 2012

Physical Fitness is What a Personal Trainer Wants You to Have

Our body is sometimes considered divine in its uniqueness in nature according to a personal trainer. It may not be robust like those of wild animals that have been designed by nature to survive in harsh conditions, but it is beautiful nonetheless. Have you been giving your body the best nourishment lately? What are the steps that you take in your day to day living which you think is keeping  your body healthy and strong? The personal trainer  will give you some tips on how to make sure that your body is really healthy and strong in order for you to be able to keep up with life’s stress, and still have more energy to give afterwards.

What is Physical Exercise and Why do we Need It?
Physical exercise is any activity performed involving your body that improves your ability to engage in various kinds of sports, perform well in your job and retain a healthy state of well-being. According to a personal trainer physical excessive or workouts are done for lots of reasons. This includes strengthening the muscles in your body, enhancing your cardiovascular system, develop your athletic abilities, maintaining an ideal weight and creating a beautiful body. Daily physical exercise makes your immune system stronger which helps prevent sickness and improves your overall health. It’s probably the reason why a personal trainer recommends it a lot. Doctors usually call physical exercise “unusual”  or an amazing medicine because it helps develop, improve and maintain your health and wellness.

Types of a Physical Exercise
The first type of exercise is the limberness exercise. This has something to do with the total movement in a joint where two or more bones are in contact with each other. Limberness in some joints can be improved to a correct unit through exercise says a personal trainer. Putting your arms or legs in a position that makes your muscles stretch or contract is the usual exercise to achieve better limberness (flexibility).

The second type of a physical exercise is the aerobic exercise. This is an activity performed using approximately some small amounts of strength and it focuses mainly on aerobic strength-producing workouts. Aerobic has something to do with the use of a chemical which is found in the air which is colorless, tasteless and odorless that is essential to all life forms on Earth (oxygen). Both medical professionals as well as personal trainer agree that in order to sufficiently form a strong need for strength through aerobic exercise O2 is necessary to make energy in order to eliminating fats.

The last type of physical exercise is anaerobic exercise, which is what the personal trainer use during the peak of their boot camp training sessions. This exercise is strong enough that it triggers the anaerobic process or anaerobic metabolism that burns hundreds of calories in a short amount of time. This short bursts of power workout is used by people who have good skills in non-endurance sports (which is ideal in boot camp training) that promotes one’s strength, power and speed. Even personal trainer regularly use this workout technique to get fit faster.

Physical exercise would really help us a lot in our daily lives if we’re just going to perform it consistently. Aside from the fact that it will give us a great body, it will also help prevents diseases that are caused by living a sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise. Most personal trainer also agree that workouts alone will not do the job, we must also bare in mind that we have to have a diet plan along with the regular workouts. Avoiding harmful stuff that will potentially impair our physical health and well being is also your prime directives. So no cigarettes, liquors, fatty and oily foods, self-induced insomnia and bar hopping, you won’t find any persoanl trainer that would do such abuses to their body.

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