Sunday, April 1, 2012

Will I Be Successful With My Blog?

Many have tried and succeeded in making money through blogging and as you can see it made a believer out of me. The result of that conviction led me to create this blog site called IseeEverything  created from a google-based blog tool called Blogger at no cost to operate and maintain. According to some popular reviews using google marketing tools I can make money from my blog in as little as 1 – 3 months time. Provided of course I get the right amount of audience to my blog site. So I’m going to blog about my progress starting now – day 1.

What you need to make a profitable blog
Certainly there are steps to follow in order to make it all work and all that google needs is an optimized blog site. Among the requirements that you or I will need are:

·         Website Traffic – this means that you get people to visit, like, comment and click on the ads (if there are any) on your blog. At the moment I do not have any adds, just blog posts, a comment section, a follow button and a like button for Facebook and Twitter. But as soon as I’ll have a thousand hits a month I’ll sign up with google adsense, because that’s where’s the money is.
·         Backlinks – naturally your blog won’t get noticed if it’s confined to one place, so go out and surf the net and leave tracks where people can find you. I’m talking about backlinks. They’re the breadcrumbs that will lead Hansel and Gretel home to your blog. Sign up and post blogs, comments and replies on other blog sites and leave backlinks to your site somewhere on your blog post so that people can automatically visit your blog when they click it.
·         Google Adsense – if you’re generating a thousand visitors or more on your blog then you can sign up with google adsense or other sites that works like adsense. They’ll setup the ads on your blog wall and people who are looking for particular items to buy will click on those ads and in return google will pay you for it. Normally they pay like 1-3 cents per click, so if you have 1,000 visitors who clicked on these ads you’ll be paid $30a month by google. Now imagine if 5,000 or 10, 20,000 people clicked on the ads on your wall. That would be some profit!

I’m so excited learning this and to be honest I’m hoping to make $100 in my first month of blogging which should be the whole month of April. Although realistically it’s more like 3 months before I can make such an amount, but anyways I’m giving it my 100% effort to meet my expectations (at least halfway). Hope I’ll make it! Cheers!

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