Friday, April 6, 2012

10 Blogging Tips That Will Spark Interest In Readers

Here are a few simple tips to create and maintain a blog
Even though we cannot give a definite rule on blogging because of the nature of the internet, bloggers can be successful if they follow some very simple guidelines in blogging.

1.) Do not deviate from the topic

It’s okay to add your thoughts on the matter being discussed, but the general context of your blog should not be overshadowed by your opinion. For instance you’re topic is supposed to be about how to make money through blogging, then you shouldn’t talk about deep sea diving unless there’s a real connection between the two. But if you can keep the readers interested no matter what your topic is then go ahead and go crazy with your blog contents. I think you’ll find only 2 to 3 people will read about what you ate for breakfast. However, they might be interested in blogs that deals with how to remove stains from clothes or enumerating the different kinds of alternative to bleaches. The important thing is that you create a topic and you stick to it. Going in one direction will ensure your blog to have many followers.

2.) Fill your blogs with lots of helpful information

 If you’ve set your blog on a specific niche or industry, make sure that you always supply it with fresh items for people to read. If your blog is giving out opinions on the work of others or you’re endorsing a product or service, then remember to keep track of the facts and verify them otherwise people will not believe you. Also if you’re critical about something make sure that your work is intended to be as an opinion or an editorial and not meant to badmouth about anything.

3.) Never publish old news

It can be tedious in writing 1 to 5 blogs daily, as doing it daily is a requirement you must also keep your blogs up to date, posting blogs about old news will shun away your followers. For instance discussing about a possible merger between two giant telecommunications companies when in fact the merger has already happened like 3 days ago will make your news a bit off.

4.) Maintain a schedule

Never compromise with your schedule. If you’re serious about blogging then don’t promise something that you won’t be able to deliver. It’s okay if missed a day or two but never miss blogging for the whole week, you’re giving away your audience to someone else’s blog. Just remember that you have hundreds of thousands of competitors (if not millions) everyday. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste simply because you forgot to communicate with your audience.

5.) Keep it simple and clear

As much as you can keep your blog entries easy to understand. The internet reaches out to nearly every corner of the globe and an expressed idea in your culture might be misunderstood in other cultures. If you must express your ideas in an idiom make sure you explain its meaning.

6.) Stuff your blog posts with keywords

Putting in a lot of keywords (about 2% - 5% of the whole blog post) will significantly increase your blog’s visibility. Use the title as a headline to attract interest. Make the title catchy and attract the attention of the readers yet keep it relevant to the context of your blog post. Also try not to create lengthy titles, they’re harder to find in search engines.

7.) Post as many blogs as you can

You literally need to flood search engines with lots of blog posts in order to get ranked; however, you must also make sure that your entries are relevant or else the quantity of your blog won’t matter. This is why it’s important to keep your topics interesting. Search engines like google and yahoo ranks blogs based on relevance among other categories that they require. Archive your old posts as they can be used for SEO purposes too.

8.) Frequency

Frequent updates on your blog will cause search engines to link your content with the most searched tags.

9.) Check for spelling errors and proofread your contents

People create blogs to get recognition for their work and posting blog articles with at dozens of spelling errors is like running your finger across the blackboard – it’s so very annoying and it will be embarrassing on your part. Publishing content on the internet is like throwing a boomerang, if you do it right you’ll get a blessing in return but is you do it wrong, then you wouldn’t want to receive whatever is coming your way.

10.) RSS feeds

In order to ensure that your blog will reach the widest network, sign up for RSS or Atom feeds. This also makes it easier for readers to find your content.

It will take time to grow an audience, but with diligence and patience you will see significant results to your efforts. Even though you won’t have as many readers as big time bloggers do, maintaining a good number of readers base will still carry your through.

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