Monday, April 9, 2012

Poetry in Music is a Picture Perfect Painting

Music in itself is more than just a symphony or a rhythm, it indicates our ability to synchronize the different variations of sounds and create an art. However, in today’s world music has been tainted by commercialization and it seems that its value is determined by how many copies it can sell in the main stream market rather than how beautiful it was composed and arranged. Fan clubs and concert tours have disfigured the true essence of why we appreciate music and so I thought I’ll share something here that the main stream media has forgotten.

Jar of Clay’s “Show You Love” from their 2004 Album Who We Are Instead is truly a work of art in terms of poetry in lyrics and musical arrangement. Their self-titled album back in 1995 launched them into fame and a couple of Grammy’s in the Christian Music genre’. But despite all the fame and money generated from the profits of their album sales worldwide, Jars of Clay remained true to their roots and faithful to their Christian beliefs and viewpoints.

Their new album The Long Fall Back To Earth (2009) is such a work of art! Wherein you can experience their musical savvy work piece and the genius of their poetry – unmatched by both the mainstream music genre’ as well as in the Christian music arena. Their inspirational tunes have enabled them to cross between two worlds, which is the secular and godly music. They don’t just make noise; they have something to say that’s worth listening.

Consider Enya’s soul-soothing music also. It’s like being in a blissful trance by simply just listening to her voice and music – it’s so addictive that one could not almost walk away from it until the song has finished playing. Even her lyrics are thought-provoking! Just listen to her single “Only Time” and you’ll see what I mean.

Dashboard Confessionals also caught my attention with their single “Vindicated,” which was the original sound track of “Spider-Man 2.” Their modernistic alternative rock style of music combines old English poetry just makes their song exquisite. I must have listened to this song over a hundred times in just 1 week; it was easily one of my favorites. 

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