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The 2012 Movie, Prophecy and the Real Facts Behind it All

Why is 2012 so significant and why do many experts and enthusiasts alike think that our world (civilization) will end on the winter solstice, December 21, 2012? You will be surprised if you go deep enough and you will find bizarre and sometimes absurd explanations, bordering even the impossible yet surprisingly true. Today we will debunk this apocalyptic theory about the scariest scenario man could have ever conceived – his own demise. We will go back to history, unlock ancient mysteries and secrets and cross reference it with modern scientific facts, in order to understand the 2012 end of the world mystery.

Where did the Origin of the 2012 Prophecy came from?
Archeologists working on the Mayan ruins credit the 2012 end of the world prophecy to the Mayan calendar (which is the most accurate time piece in the world) and the writings of the Mayan priest Chilam Balam on his sacred book the Popul Vuh. However, very little is known about this prophecy because we literally do not have the means to decipher the Mayan codices. The fault may lie entirely on the Spanish friars who after seeing a Mayan temple that was once a sacrificial chamber for humans ordered all the ancient Maya texts and statues be destroyed. The priests were utterly shocked when they saw hundreds upon hundreds of human skeleton remains found inside the temple, and with their zeal to their faith commit the worst crime in archeology.

The Mayans believed that time is not linear as most physicists and astro-phyciscists say, but rather they perceived time as cyclical and history is bound to repeat itself. This belief is transcribed in their calendar, which allowed them to make many predictions about the future and in an odd case the past. The disturbing thing about this said calendar is that everything stops at December 21, 2012, which is the winter solstice. It doesn’t necessarily say that the world will end in that day as obviously it only shows us the cycle of time; however, given that more than a hundred of its prophecies have already occurred in exactly the time and date as it said that it would happen, one may not be able to help but conclude that it points to a certain end. 

Was Human Sacrificing Really Necessary?
We modern day people who has an average free mindset will automatically think that animal or human sacrifice is just out right barbaric, and I’m not saying that it isn’t but it would seem that ancient people did this not simply to indulge in their psychopathic impulses but for an important reason that none of us understands nor will accept today. If you believe in quantum physics or at least the possibility of it, then it wouldn’t be hard for you to accept that there may be other dimensions or realities which are the opposite of this one where we exist now.

An old spiritual healer told me once (I know this may sound farfetched but if you could just bear with me, I’ll explain it all to you) that there are spirit beings that exists all around us and we don’t even know they’re there. He said that although they may live in a different dimension sometimes doors can be opened to cross between realms, and this is why some of us experience ghostly apparitions, demonic possessions, poltergeist activity, premonition, astral projection, angelic visions and intercessions etc. He said that these are the manifestations of those beings crossing over to our realm and while most of them are via accident others are done deliberately.

This also explains why ancient cultures like the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Celts and even the Hebrews had specific rituals in sacrificing animals or human beings. The old man told me that we are just a living consciousness encased in a mortal body and that consciousness or soul/spirit lives on for eternity and goes back to the source of life or what we commonly call as God when the body dies. It is his understanding that there are two aspects of the human psyche (the psyche is us as a living consciousness) and these are the positive energies or vibrations and the other is the negative.

He said that demons and evil spirits come from these realm or dimension and contrary to popular belief they are not cosmic angelic beings that had fallen from Heaven. But the premise of that story is true because these beings may have been once spirits that carry a positive vibration/energy with them but they have changed somehow due to some events that may have come across their path – they may even once had been human beings transformed by hatred, greed and all other negative energies into demons. That is why they’re only as powerful as how much fear you shed, you see it feeds them and the more afraid you are the stronger you’re making them and the easier it is for them to overpower you eventually.

Now going back to animal and human sacrifices; unfortunately, these beings can access the “streams of time” as the old man puts it. He said that quantum physics’ explanation of the number of possible futures is infinite as it will entirely depend on how the people on the present will make their choices is correct. Kings and Rulers of many kingdoms in the past are gripped with fear about their future and so they consult the best spiritualists that they could find. Now the practice of witch craft is as old as time and those who knows the craft knows that they can summon an evil spirit or a demon to show them a glimpse of a certain future in exchange for animal or human sacrifices so that they could consume the fear and suffering, which spews a lot of negative energies that they could harvest.

Now these negative energy-beings do not care about the future or about knowledge, they have plenty of it. Think of them as hungry zombies with a little bit of intellect that they’re smart enough to make deals, but the rest is pure animalistic instinct. They only care about how well-fed they could be and so the more people that the Mayans sacrificed the more knowledge of the future these things gave them. But as there are an infinite number of possible futures the knowledge that these evil spirits gave to the Mayan priests are at best a “hit and miss” information and while some of it may come to pass, others will not.

How the Movie Depicted the 2012 Prophecy
The basis of the Mayan prophecy is its impeccable calendar and in particular the Long Count. The Long Count cycle can either be 5,000 years (in its shortest) or 26,000 years (in its longest) and according to this era’s long count it’s the shorter of the two that is applied, which is 5,000 years and it began in August 11, 3114 B.C. It will end in December 21, 2012 as was shown in Roland Emmerich’s 2012 movie. In the Popul Vuh the priest Chalam Balam predicted that a great flood will cover the Earth in the winter solstice and Emmerich as well as the experts he consulted thought of the only catalyst that could make this happen – the Polar Shift theory.

The movie began with Dr. Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) meeting his friend and another brilliant astro-physicist Dr. Satnam Tsurutani (Jimi Mistry) of India. He discovered that the sun’s neutrino particle count has quadrupled since the coronal mass ejection (CME) occurred about 1 week ago. But more than just a threat of another solar flare the neutrinos were interacting with matter (which it doesn’t normally do) and is causing the Earth’s interior to heat up and liquefy. The end result of which could cause a cataclysmic polar shift or the reversal of the North and South magnetic poles of the Earth.

What does a polar shift entails? Well it is similar to what we have seen on the movie but in my opinion the 2012 movie was over-glamorized to let you know the fearsome forces of nature coming together in a vengeful wrath against its inhabitants. When scientists came to visit the mid-Atlantic ridge they discovered that the solidified magma from the underwater volcanoes had strange magnetic alignments on them. Some were pointing North and the others pointing South, at the moment all magnets should point North, so why were there magnetic rocks pointing South? The answer is a pole shift, so the theory of the pole shift is true after all and it could trigger simultaneous earthquakes as powerful as magnitude 9 or more along the edges of every continental tectonic plates.

Overall the visual effects of the movie were great and I personally think that we can use such films to come up with a real crisis management plans just in case. The acting and the storylines were not cheesy it somehow reminds us of how we should set aside our differences for the good of mankind (or what’s left of it anyway) even at the personal level. It also showed a scene where parts of California sinking into the Pacific Ocean which eerily resembles the tale of Atlantis and its demise.

Known Facts about the Mayan Astronomy
Since most people would think that the Mayans were a nut job civilization it would be best to weigh the facts from the myth in order to see through to this matter. So here are a few things about what they know about astronomy:

1.  They plotted the number of years, months, days, hours, seconds, milliseconds etc. about our planet’s rotation and revolution around the sun. They precisely calculated the precession of the Earth to 26,000 years, they know how many months Venus would go around the sun and they know about the 9 planets in our solar system. Up until that time people could only see 6 out of the 9 planets in the evening sky because the remaining 3 planets are so far away that NASA was only able to confirm them in the 1970’s, so this is really mind boggling.  
2.    They also know that all material things come from the super black hole in the center of our galaxy. In fact they said that the Milky Way was born from that black hole. They handpicked an Orion Nebula to be their “land of the dead” or what they would call Xibalba. 1500 years later scientists discovered that that nebula is actually a dying star. How natural for someone to link death to something that has died or in the process of dying? They have predicted a couple of eclipses even those that occurred long after they’re gone. They identified the constellations, comets, asteroids and somehow discovered a link between the heavens, time and the events on Earth.

I leave this part up to the reader, but just to bring up a point we have experienced terrible earthquakes, storms, flooding, unusual weather phenomenon in the last 10 years compared to all disasters that occurred in the 20th century, and not to be paranoid but perhaps we should have a positive approach with these things. On the other hand many people have claimed to know something or stated a specific timeline about the end of the world and it never came to be. In fact some of those folks have made some money out of preaching such nonsense and have been considered as great frauds in our time. Whatever conclusion you will come to I sure hope that December 21, 2012 is just a date and nothing more because I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the alternative.

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