Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Fourth Installment of the Bourne Series is Expected to Bring us More Action and an Entirely Different Storyline

Los Angeles, CA – May 7, 2012 – It’s still three months before this film will be released into theaters worldwide, but already fans are clamoring about it. The first three films were straight out intelligent and action-packed; however, while we got to see some parts of the puzzle solved about his scrambled memory in The Bourne Ultimatum this latest installment is expected to give us more! This action-mystery blockbuster produced by Universal Studio and directed by Tony Gilroy (The Cutting Edge, Armageddon and State of Play) is going to take the franchise to new heights, because it takes on fresh ideas, which is entirely different from that of Eric Van Lustbader who succeeded Robert Ludlum’s Bourne novels.

There is no official synopsis of the film; however, in Lustbader’s novel the plot picks up from The Bourne Ultimatum and for a brief moment Bourne becomes a Georgetown University professor using his real name – David Webb. Webb in the story survives an assassination attempt on his life and his lethal side known as Jason Bourne awakens and goes after the perpetrators. In the end it was revealed in the book that Bourne had a son named Khan and they were reunited after many years of his sudden disappearance. But director Tony Gilroy and Universal had something else in mind and clearly based on the movie casts character names, which makes Renner play the role of Aaron Cross instead of the familiar Jason Bourne clearly indicates this film will not be based on Lustbader’s novel “The Bourne Legacy.” Some fans are excited to see what the new movie would be like while others remain skeptical, but a big budget film like this one loaded with stunning cast and savvy director is very promising indeed!

The Bourne movie franchise is based on Robert Ludlum’s novels of the same name. The first three films grossed to over $645 million in worldwide box office ticket sales, while the novels sold more than 290 million copies worldwide. No wonder it was well accepted by the novel fans and first time enthusiasts. The novels were critically acclaimed and the films garnered 5 to 8 stars ratings average in respected online movie reviews and users, while film critics also gives it a thumbs up.

Universal Pictures has had many names over the years since it was founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle. Its names include Universal Studios,  Universal City Studios, Universal City Universal City Pictures or sometimes just Universal, it is a subsidiary of the Comcast company and partly a property of NBC Universal – it is one of the most successful movie studios in the United States and the world. Universal Studios is the second oldest surviving movie studio in the world after Gaumont Pictures, Pramount Pictures ranks in the third spot of the three. General Electric purchased the controlling interests of the studio as of May 11, 2004, which was sold by Vivendi Universal. The merger was later renamed to NBC Universal, meanwhile the production subsidiary retained the old name of Universal Studios Inc. The company has now expanded to producing television shows through its subsidiary - NBCUniversal. The merger allowed the company to acquire several works of prominent filmmakers that was originally released by other film studios, which are now under its control. You can find its main production studio(s) at 100 Universal City Plaza Drive in Universal City, California. While its corporate and distribution offices can be found in New York City. Universal Studios has become Hollywod’s icon image in the film industry.

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