Thursday, May 31, 2012

Man on a Ledge Review

Detective Nick Cassidy played by actor Sam Worthington of the New York Police Department was framed for stealing a huge diamond from one of New York’s elite – David Englander (Ed Harris). The diamond was never found and Cassidy was convicted of theft and is currently serving his sentence at a nearby penitentiary. Cassidy is convinced that he did not commit such a crime conspired with his brother Joey (Jamie Bell), father (William Sadler) and his brother’s girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) to break into Englander’s high security vault on the 20th floor of his building. Cassidy earlier had escaped with a ruse concocted by him and his brother Joey at the funeral of friend. Cassidy distracted the police by threatening to jump from the 21st floor of a hotel that was a block away from where his brother and his girlfriend doing the heist.

The drama unfolded with Cassidy asking specifically for hostage negotiator Detective Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks), who happens to have had a terrible experience with another jumper a few months ago. Cassidy eventually convinced Mercer about his frame up and led her to uncover Englander’s schemes to collect the $40 million insurance money for his allegedly stolen diamond.

I could consider Man on a Ledge movie as one of Hollywood’s best and has the captivating thrill of Samuel L. Jackson’s The Negotiator and Murder on the Orient Express. It’s good to know that despite the overwhelming movies that heavily relies on special effects, once in a while there comes a movie that tells a trail of mystery and can still make you gasp for air as you sit through it. So if you’re kind’a fed up with all the special effects and want something for a change then I highly recommend Man on a Ledge as an alternative.

In contrast you can also get some laughs at the cleverness of Cassidy’s plan making the cops run around chasing for clues as to why this man wants to jump and who he was. Also the lover’s quarrel of the heist couple Joey and Angie is something to ease you up amidst the tension. Plus Genesis Rodriguez is super hot especially when she put on that tight outfit, which will make your day complete. Well that’s as far as looking at beautiful women of Hollywood is concerned. And at $42.6 million at the box office I’d say that this movie is in the “thumbs up” area of the average detective movies in Hollywood. As for director Asger Leth, well I’d say that this first transition of his from doing documentaries is not bad at all, and I hope to see more of his works soon. He seems to be a good director.

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