Sunday, May 27, 2012

Setting Up Your Home Theater System

Being at the movies watching your favorite stars on the big screens enjoying the company of friends and loved ones is quite the youthful experience. Later on when you’re married and have a family of your own and your friends too have got their own families, you won’t be able to do the things you did before nor have as much fun watching your favorite movies with them as you did before. So what do you do? It’s not so bad, because first of all your family is the ultimate joy in your life, but it does get a little melancholic at times; and so what you need to do is you bring the fun to them and make them your new best movie-buddies!

The best way to achieve this is by setting up your own home theater system. That way you can duplicate the unforgettable cinematic experiences you had with your friends and share the fun with your whole family this time around. Don’t worry though because of the futuristic and cutting edge technology a home theater caters, it’s a guarantee that even though your old movies will not be so much interesting to them, the system itself will capture their attention.

So lets go over the basics, depending on the materials you’ll need you may be spending from $800 - $3000 plus in the home theater set as well as the installation fees. An average home theater system consists of a wide plasma screen (preferably 30 inches or above) or a high resolution projector, a 5.1 – 8.1 channel sound system, a desktop or a laptop computer, a high-speed internet connection and a huge living room, because that’s where you’ll have the system set up. This literally blows your average movie experience out of proportions and it’s like having your own movie house right in your living room.

I didn’t have much money as I’m basically working freelance right now so all I could afford was a 24-inch LCDTV an Edifier M1360 speakers and sub-woofer and my old Toshiba Satellite L-series. This is a fairly easy setup and all you have to do is:

  • Connect the VGA cord to the VGA ports of both the laptop and the LCDTV
  • Then plug the 3.5mm audio jack of the Edifier M1360 into the audio port of the laptop
  • Be sure to have the laptop charger ready because even though you can use the laptop’s battery it will eventually run out. Plug it in when the battery is low and then you can just remove it again when it’s full.
  • You can either use a USB Flash Drive to run your movies, or you can stream it directly from the internet, but be sure that you’ve connected the LAN cable on the LAN port. Or you can also run a DVD.

I love this setup because it’s affordable and you can enjoy any movie with a blasting surround sound system attached to it! Remember that your Plasma/LED/LCDTV has an HDMI port also and that means you can connect your DVR to it and stream live pictures from your satellite TV provider. You can also connect your video game consoles and other compatible devices onto your TV.

Now you can enjoy your movies, video games and internet on an integrated platform!

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