Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Facts about Exercise that you Need to Know

A personal trainer once said that having a healthy body means one needs to exercise on a regular basis. A healthy person cannot determine whether he or she is fit or not. You can't even tell unless you see a doctor regularly, as they will be able to tell you that precisely. According to experts, exercise is defined as any physical exertion that is continually done in a purpose that will condition the different systems in our body, will improve our health, maintain fitness and rejuvenate our bodies.

The history of exercise can be traced back to the birth of our ancestors, though earlier inhabitants did not know that they were indeed doing physical activity (or at least it was defined as such) such as running for their lives from any animals attacking them or taking their families to safety or their way of living like hunting wild animals or even fishing. Most people in those days couldn’t afford to get fat because of diet constraints and the practicality of heavy physical labor. What you do in the gym and what the personal trainer teaches you there can be compared to ancient physical labor, only that it is done this time in a controlled environment.

Exercise is advantageous in keeping you away from any diseases that might threaten your health says the personal trainer. Some of the most common health hazards are depression, weakness,  coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. Range of motion or ROM is one characteristic of exercise and it is vital in maintaining joint function as you may often see a personal trainer teach their trainees. Strengthening exercises give the proper resistance to muscle groups in order to increase strength and endurance. A well-balanced exercise program can develop your endurance, improve your general health, as well as slow the aging process. The advantages of doing physical activities regularly are not exclusive to physical health alone, but also develop our emotional well-being. You can witness this first hand, I mean your personal trainer would never scold you or say bad things to you and that’s because they are in full control of themselves.

Studies reveal that a regular, guided exercise program helps almost everyone. From war veterans for coping up with stress, fatigue, distress and any emotional problems that a person may experience during armed conflicts to the average office guy who was pampered throughout his life. It was also proven that regular exercise strengthens our heart and build up our body's ability to supply extra oxygen by increasing lung capacity. It also thickens and multiplies muscle fibers and strengthens tendons, reduce our weight when combined with a controlled diet, which must be the reason why a personal trainer is well built, sculpted and usually stands out in a crowd. Exercise also helps improve blood circulation.

This  can also amend weight gain or a means to help you lose fats in your body. When a person employs himself to any physical activity, such as take lessons from a personal trainer, he will burn some calories eventually. The more rigorous the physical activity, the more calories will be burned. If you have no time to go to the gym  you can do a 20-minute workout everyday and achieve similar results. By being active throughout the day you will burn some of those fat stored in your mid-section.

To sum-up all the health advantage, some professionals (including a personal trainer) recommended that one should do at least 20-30 minutes physical activity and as frequently as 2 – 3 times in a week, as well as some muscle-strengthening at least twice a week. However, if you can’t do this activity, you can still have some health advantage if you do 15-minute moderate workout at least 5 times a week.

So in order for you to stay healthy and live longer, you should have time for your regular exercise habit. Maintaining this activity can lead you to a healthy mind and body, as what a personal trainer would say “One should exercise as if one's life depended on it”.

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