Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Song from the Front Office

When you walk into an office be it of a multinational company or a local branch of your bank, what is the first thing you see? The first thing you see is the reception. If the saying - 'First impression is the best impression' is true, then trust me, it should be one hell of reception desk or you'll need someone like Angelina Jolie behind it. Now, considering the difficulty of hiring Ms. Jolie for the job, lets just get an attractive and handy reception desk.

The reception desk should reflect the company or its vision. For example, if it is software designing company that we are talking about then the desk should reflect either company name or the field or the mission. The reception desk should also be trendy and handy. Why use IDs in a reception desk if it is of no use to the receptionist or the visitors? Thus, it should have adequate space for basic equipments like a computer, telephone, drawers etc.

Now selecting the right desk for your organization is not easy as it seems. As mentioned earlier the desk in the front office should reflect the rest of it. Some things to keep in mind while designing or selecting one are:

1. Lighting - Lighting is used to help the workers and is also widely used nowadays to add to the looks. Making a good impression adds to the quality of the company.

2. Space - Adequate space is fundamental for proper working.

3. Size - Depending on the number of receptionists and also the size of your front office

4. Provisions for wirings - Well unless all the equipments on the desk are wireless, provisions have to kept for the wires

5. Placing - Placing of the desk also contributes a lot to the over-all perfectness of your front office

6. Style - Be wild but expressive!

A reception is the place in the office from where a lot of important work is to be done. Tasks like connectivity, messages, outside communication, visitors and guests are managed. Thus having a capable receptionist is also as important as the desk. The reception is also often serves the purpose of a lobby in the case of lack of space. Thus, furnishing the space with matching furniture and analogous interiors is also advice.

Smart use of glass, abstract backgrounds and themed interiors are being used a lot these days. Going green has also been one of the trends. Decorating your space with indoor plants and even your desk with smaller indoor plants have gained a lot of popularity these days. Most woodworking company have a very tasty collection of desks and other office furniture that would simply boggle your mind.

Whatever be the trend or advice, always go for a theme that reflects the vision or the motto of the company. This helps you put an impression in the visitor's mind, the dedication of the company towards your goal as everything around them simply sings them a song about your organization. So, guys make a detailed research and try to visit some well furnished offices before making a decision.

Happy furnishing people!

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