Friday, June 1, 2012

Successful Blogging Tips for Baby Bloggers

There are probably hundreds or even thousands of blogging tips and ideas out there nowadays; however, it is unfortunate to know that some of the basics are being overlooked by seasoned and newbie bloggers. How hard can it be in running a blog? It seems so simple that most people think it just takes a website or a blog, fill it with some posts and then it’ll automatically rain money! But is it really that simple? Actually it will take a lot of sweat and blood, well figuratively speaking of course.

Topic/Niche Ideas:
  • Do a Google search on the “how to’s” or use the Google adwords keyword tool and look for the most searched keywords per month and use them as niches or topic ideas for your blog.
  • Allow your readers to participate by creating polls on your posts.
  • Use Quora as a basis on what you will write about.
  • Try to check with LinkedIn Responses as it has a niche-specific search tool that will help you decide which niche/topic is the best to base your blog on.
Write only unique contents and be consistent about it. Post daily and not weekly because you will also have to update your blog daily in blog pinging sites. This will help drive traffic to your blog or website.

Readers will only give you their respect if you build relationships with them. And how do you relate to someone you don’t know from halfway across the world? Well, you explore their interests by writing stuff that they like – you will need to utilize what was mentioned above earlier in order to accomplish this.

Update Your Blog Regularly

Do a weekly search on which best tools to use in order to improve and drive more traffic to your blog. Follow latest trends and make the necessary changes on your blog so that you’ll gain more followers.

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