Friday, June 8, 2012

Bedazzled was One of My Favorite Comedy Movie

With the end of the world gaining popularity from doomsday proponents way back at the turn of the millennium, 20th Century Fox thought that it might be a good theme to ride on. So, they decided to do a remake of their 1967 film Bedazzled by Stanley Donen, and who better to play the role of the hopeless dweeb character in the movie than Mr. Comedy himself – Brendan Fraser. I’ve seen him from the Airheads, George of the Jungle and The Mummy but I have to admit that the script, the director and the actors in this movie worked out a perfectly blended comedy film.

Amidst the chaos of the news and rumors about people selling their souls to the Devil to be rich, famous, powerful, or getting the small things in life like having the girl of their dreams; came the comic relief that reminds us all about the truth in these things. And it’s not about whether it is true or not but it’s about a moral lesson of making choices and not regretting making them. In this movie Elizabeth Hurley (opposite Fraser) played the role of the Devil. And true enough they gave this she-devil a colorful and naughty attitude that came straight right out of hell.

Elliot (Fraser), according to the Devil’s terms will get seven wishes in exchange for his soul. Knowing full well that Elliot wanted nothing less than Alison Gardner (Frances O’connor) his co-worker, she (Hurley) was able to persuade him to sign the agreement with a little special effects from Hell’s computer industries or wherever those came from. But the deal was a trick from the start that brought Elliot nothing but misery in the end, because the Devil was always there to make sure that his wishes messed up no matter how good it started out.

The entire movie was basically a laughing delight as scene after scene displayed the blunder of Elliot’s dreams. Like for instance when the Devil turned him into a Colombian drug lord because he wanted to become "very rich and very powerful," oh! And of course married to Alison. It was absolutely amazing to see them talk in Spanish and their makeovers, I mean, he really looked like a typical drug lord or at least a typical Latino if I may say so. Clearly the actors put in a lot of hard work to learn Spanish and play their individual roles.

The best part I like in the movie is when Elliot was jailed for being “drunk & disorderly” and he was talking to another inmate, who actually happens to be God (or so it was implied) played by Gabriel Casseus. I’ll never forget what God (Casseus) said to Eliot. He said that Eliot's soul belongs to God and is therefore cannot be sold to the Devil or be traded with 7 wishes, or so he was lied to, I mean told!

All the moral lesson that you need to know is encapsulated in these words. I loved the movie. I recommend it to all people no matter at what age you are, you’ll get a double treat of fun & laughter and some lessons to pick up along the way.

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