Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carley Rae Jepsen Remains on the Top Spot of the Music Charts

The 26-year old Canadian pop star is still hanging on to the number 1 spot of the top 100 hits this week with her single Call Me Maybe. This girl from British Columbia has gone a long way from the time when she first made her debut album Tug of War. Justin Bieber partly helped promote her new album Curiosity when he made the announcement on MuchMusic program New Music Live on the same day Jepsen’s album was released by Schoolboy Records, which is the same recording studio that Bieber signed on for his music career.

 Carley had already been attending the College of Performing Arts in Victoria, British Columbia, which helped her catch a big break when she joined the Canadian Idol. Her single Sweet Talker that she sang in the Idol contest was critically acclaimed and caused her to advance in the competition. Five years later she got 6 nominations from 3 different award-giving bodies, 4 wins for categories including "song of the year," "most streamed video of the year," "video of the year" and "UR fave video." Plus she has 4 other pending nominations (and is probably going to win them) in the up coming Teens Choice Awards 2012 and Western Canadian Music Awards

Pretty neat isn’t it? Neat enough to climb to the top spot of the top 100 music billboards in the U.S. and elsewhere. Well I for one am quite impressed with her talent in song writing, mastery of the musical instruments and arranging the tunes to make it a perfect blend of music and rhythm that is easily loved by the masses. I’m also expecting for some of her songs in her new album Almost Finished to also break through the music charts later this year. ‘Cuz we ain’t done listening to her songs yet! 

Here’s the official music video of her song Call Me Maybe courtesy of YouTube:

Have fun listening to it!

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