Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fast, The Slick and The Luxurious

Every single person on this planet must have had at least one dream about something that they wished they could have in their lives. Well mine is at least one of those slick, luxurious and speed-bleeding supercars! I’ve memorized every detail, every specs, the engine noise and even their production cost but I’m still $1.6 million short of buying one. Well maybe in 20 years or so if I can come up with ways to improve my yearly income that is. But fortunately for some us when we can’t afford to have one we just become fans and enthusiasts of them. So here are my five best choices if I ever could afford to buy one someday:

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – this car broke every record, every physical limitation and even the world’s expectations. Cruising at a maximum speed of 267 miles per hour and can go from 0 – 60 miles per hour in just 2.4 seconds, this car is easily my favorite. It costs $2.4 million now when it was just under $2 million before the economic recession back in 2009. Or there are more patrons coming in and converting to the religion of the fast and the furious that instantly jumps its market value a couple of notches up.

2. Lamborghini Reventon – although at 20% less than the maximum speed of the Veyron the Reventon is very pleasing for the eyes to see. What it lacks in power it makes up in its looks. In reality drivers are satisfied when they reach the 180 mph threshold in fast cars and the Reventon can get to that threshold in less than 11 seconds. You’ll get the speed, the looks and luxury in this car for the price of $1.2 million. Not bad for a very slick car I should say.

3. Porsche Carrera GT – you can have one of these for less than half a million dollars and still does go up to 205 miles an hour (top speed). Big shots and playboys usually owns this car and chicks couldn't resist the slick design of this car or the roar of its engine. Makes them want to ride and take a stroll through town on the passenger seat and you don't need an amulet or a good luck charm to do that, because the Carrera GT is all the charm you'll ever need. This car is known for its luxury and speed – the icon of German design.

4. Bentley Continental GT – Britain’s super luxury car has been given muscles with its V8 engine and a max output of 560 metric horsepower. Inside the Continental GT you’ll find a wide array of stuff on the console even though it has just the basic design of a typical car’s dashboard. You can get the Bentley Continental GT for the amount of $211,385.52. Whether it's a formal occasion or a wild outdoor party you can bring the Bentley with you to show off to friends. They couldn't be more jealous than seeing you behind the wheel of this British muscle car.

5. Aston Martin DB9 – another UK-built sports-luxury vehicle that has a good mix of speed, style and comfort. The DB9 has been featured in films like Johnny English, James Bond: Casino Royale and Fantastic Four. The DB9 also swings between the bad boy image and the respected view of the society's elite. It's like being Bruce Wane and Batman when you're driving this beauty. It is the preferred choice of company executives and CEOs.

That’s about it for my top 5 favorites. If you can’t afford these things at the moment then just be an enthusiast like millions of other people in the world, but if you can then even better! Don’t forget to blog your experience about sports and luxury cars as well.

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