Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food Trip

There are a lot of foods that I enjoy but I'll only name five of them, which I consider the best. Having a meal is almost like a ritual to me. Whether I cook the food or someone else does, it always starts with allowing the aroma sink into my brain. My sense of smell is working at its full capacity at this time. Then I would sample the taste of the meal served to see if the ingredients has amalgamated into the heavenly flavor that the recipe promised. Finally my sense of sight analyzes every detail of the meal prepared before me until I’m certain that I’m ready to have a bite. All this takes about 2 – 3 minutes. Here are my top 5 food choices:

1.) The Apricot – Glazed Chicken – Two and a half to three pounds chicken cooked with apricot preserves, onion soup mix, lemon juice and ketchup. The rich and bountiful recipes that can be made with poultry made it my most favorite meat among other livestock. So far it is the best tasting chicken recipe I’ve tried lately and I think I’ll be inclined to try again.

2.) Beef Stew (Nilagang Baka Filipino Style) – My mom is the best cook in the house and she would cook the best Filipino beef stew I’ve ever tasted! It’s actually very simple to cook, first you boil the meat in hot water for at least 2 hours until it will look light brownish in color. Then shove a fork on to the meat to see if  they’re softened, and if it is you can then add Pechay (Chinese cabbage), chopped potatoes, garlic, onion, carrots, corn cobs, chicharon (dried pork skin), salt and pepper into the mix. This will give the stew a chili taste as well as the distinct flavor mix of the corn cobs, beef and potatoes to it. It is an absolute delight!

3.) Spicy Crab – I rarely eat this favorite of mine since about 5 years ago, simply because it sends my cholesterol levels spiking out of the charts. You just need these ingredients soda (preferably sprite), garlic, ginger, butter, cooking oil, brown sugar, salt and pepper. You can either stir fry the crabs with the soda or the cooking oil mixed with butter (I much prefer to cook the crabs with soda), then saute it with garlic and ginger until the garlic looks golden brown. Add the chili peppers and salt then stir fry it for about ten to fifteen minutes. You'll know why the spicy crab is my favorite seafood once you've tasted it, but I must warn you though, don't have too much of it or you'll be seeing a doctor afterwards.

4.) Fried Marinated Shrimps with Oyster Sauce and Fried Rice – This is probably one of my most favorite food in the list, especially during breakfast. First you boil or steam the shrimps until they look red-orange, then remove their scales, then marinade them and then stir fry them in cooking oil. I’d cook it with a chicken marinade (ready made) or you can just use common shrimp marinade sauce. It’s also better to dip it in oyster sauce and eat it with Shanghai fried rice. Everytime I have this meal for breakfast it just completes my day and I'm sure it will make your day as well. Try it for yourself and see!

5.) Chocolate Ganache – For desert I’d pick the French chocolate cake Ganache. It’s easy to prepare and is excellent to the taste that I often have this cake at least twice a week. I love eating the Ganache while watching my favorite movies on DVD. Sitting on the couch and watching movies while savoring the taste of sweet chocolate cake in my mouth feels like having a piece of heaven in my home. You have got to try the ganache!

If you also happen to have a list of your own favorite foods, then please leave a comment below so that I can try it for myself as well. Thanks!

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