Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gym Workout Routine for Men

The Oxford dictionary defines a routine as an unvarying performance of an act. In gym terms it can be described as a schedule to be followed. A gym workout routine for men is a set of exercises and rest distributed through the weekdays and that are to be repeated mostly on a weekly basis. It can also be described as the weekly schedule that you have to repeat.

Gym workout routines have to be followed strictly in order to shed those extra pounds and get the fit body that you have been dreaming of for years.

The most difficult part of following a gym workout routine is the part where you have to lift yourself from that couch and go to the gym, the rest of the work is done by the mirrors in your gym.

A good gym workout routine for men must concentrate all body parts equally and also include ample rest for your muscles, and not to forget the cardio. I hope you can understand better with an example. The gym workout routine given below is followed by the famous Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey.

Monday: Workout concentrates on the upper body
Three sets pull downs
Three sets of Bench press
Three sets of dumbbell bicep curls
Three sets of inclined dumbbell press
Three sets of triceps push down
Three sets of dumbbell press

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Cardio training and core
Five minutes warm up
Ten minutes on the treadmill
Five minutes to cool down
Three sets of crunches on the stability ball
Three sets of plank
Three sets of bent knee raises
Thursday: Rest

Friday: Lower body
Three sets of stability ball squats
Three sets of calf raises wherein you're in a seated position
Three sets of seated leg extensions
Three sets of dumbbell lunges

Each set can be of 8 to 10 reps if you increase body size or do reps of 10-12 if leaner is your way to go. Make sure that you maintain the reps as planned. The above given routine works well for a beginner as such a workout concentrates more on shedding excess fat and toning up the body. You can also change you routine as you progress. Results would start to show in about 5-6 weeks.

Similarly you can create your own gym workout routine based on the end result you wish to acquire. Taking professional help in building your routine is always advised. Having a personal trainer (if you can afford one) would help to a great extent.

Having a healthy a fit body adds a lot to your confidence; be it at home, work or at a social gathering. Working out based on a gym workout routine makes it easier to achieve your goal of having a lean and sexy physique.


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