Saturday, June 2, 2012

How the Greek Gods Fell in The Wrath of the Titans Movie

Following the Greek mythology of The Clash of the Titans movie, Sam Worthington reprises his role in the film’s sequel as the Greek hero and demigod, the son of Zeus – Perseus. Louis Letterrier (The Incredible Hulk, The Transporter 1 & 2 and Unleashed) did a good job with first movie and the new director Jonathan Liebesman (Battle Los Angeles, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Darkness Falls) was able to take the new movie to new heights. Since the first movie it was clear that mankind’s rebellion may lead to either an apocalypse triggered by the anger of the gods banding together in order to punish man’s insolence, or the gods eventual weakening and death.

The Wrath of the Titans starts with Hades (Ralph Fiennes) summoning Zeus (Liam Neeson), Poseidon (Danny Houston) and Ares (Edgar Ramirez) to his realm, the Underworld because the most powerful titan – who also happens to be their father – Chronos was breaking free from his prison. But Hades disdain for his brother Zeus never abated and the meeting was actually a trap for Zeus. Conspiring with Ares the god of war Hades sought to drain Zeus’ power in order to free their father and in return Chronos will spare them both. Poseidon escaped but fatally injured by Hades came to the temple ruins where Perseus was praying and waiting for his father Zeus. Poseidon lived long enough to tell Perseus what to do in order to save his father and prevent the end of the world. 

So Perseus went and sought out Poseidon’s son Agenor (Tobey Kebbell) because he held a piece of information that would be essential to Perseus’ mission to save the world – the location of the Fallen One. Agenor is currently a prisoner of the now Queen Andromeda (Rossamund Pike) as she took over leadership of Argos after the death of her parents King Kepheus (Vincent Regan) and Queen Cassiopeia (Polly Walker). It turns out that the Fallen One was no other than Hephaestus (Bill Nighy), the maker of the weapons of the gods who had long since gave up his godly rights and lives on an enchanted island guarded by 50-foot cyclops. Hephaestus helped Perseus, Agenor and Queen Andromeda to safely travel to Tartarus, which is a labyrinth, Chronos’ prison and the Earth’s molten core.

Hephaestus died at the hands of Ares when he caught up with them at the secret entrance to Tartarus. Perseus and the others were able to save Zeus in time using Poseidon’s Trident but again Ares was there to stop them. Hades also fell at Ares hands as he finally reconciled with his brother Zeus, but Perseus was also able to take Hades’ Fork and Zeus used both the Trident and the Fork to teleport them back to the Argos encampment where the soldiers battle the advancing army of Chronos. Chronos was finally revived and he emerged from an erupting volcano – a living, walking 500 foot tall lava monster devouring anything in his path. Hades revived his brother Zeus by sharing his life force with him and they both tried to make a stand against their father once again. 

Meanwhile Perseus is fighting his half-brother Ares in order to get Zeus’ lightning bolt to complete the ultimate weapon – The Spear of Triam – the only thing that can defeat Chronos. Zeus and Hades at last expended all their powers fighting a losing battle against Chronos, but lo and behold Perseus came just at the right moment to strike Chronos with the spear and killed him. Without Zeus’ leadership and mankind’s prayers the gods will eventually whither and die like mortals would, but the heroics of Perseus will be remembered forever.

To be honest I’m a bit disappointed because we won’t get to see the third sequel to this film as it is obvious the gods are all dead or dying. Still it is a good remake because it takes us to a level of cinematic experience where the old films could not, and it also has a good screen play. I will give this film a 3.5 stars out of 5 and I’m expecting to see a better retelling of Hercules, which is rumored to be Brett Ratner’s (X-Men The Last Stand, Rush Hour Trilogy and Red Dragon) Hercules movie. It is also rumored that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will play the role, which is going to be very cool! But for now I am 80% satisfied with what Letterrier and Liebesman brought to the big screens.

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