Friday, June 29, 2012

Robert Downey Jr. Redefines Iron Man

Downey Jr.’s life has been a joyride since he first began his acting career in 1970 with his first movie Pound, which was also directed by his father Robert Downey Sr. He has adopted multiple roles in his 42 years in show business, but he has never had a role like that in Iron Man – which closely resembles with what has transpired in his real life. To put it bluntly, the Iron Man movie has changed Downey Jr.’s life as much as he has redefined the character of Anthony Stark and Iron Man altogether. As a matter of fact I couldn’t see anyone who could better play the role than he could.

It was unfortunate to know that he has succumbed to drug addiction back in 1996 after having a long and fruitful career in Hollywood; however, he was able to overcome that obstacle in his life despite inheriting the addictive impulses from his father – who was the original drug dependent in their family. Before 1996 Downey Jr. was critically acclaimed for his famous roles in Air America, Heart and Souls, Less Than Zero, Soapdish, Natural Born Killers and Charlie Chaplin where he got an Oscar nomination for best actor. But like his words in the opening scene in Iron Man 2 “never has a Phoenix metaphor been personified…” he made a very big success in the Iron Man franchise and Tropic Thunder movie, plus The Avengers movie which is rumored that he made a hefty sum of $50 million as part of the profit sharing deal with Disney and Marvel.

Both first time movie fans and long time comic book loyalists were no less than impressed with Downey Jr.’s performance as Tony Stark and Iron Man in the movie, even director Jon Favreau believed in him and cast him for the role. Garnering a worldwide success of not less than $500 million per movie in box office ticket sales of Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Marvel and Disney moves forward with Iron Man 3, which is set to release next summer of 2013. Marvel disclosed that some parts of the movie will be shot in China which suggests that the Mandarin (Iron Man’s arch enemy) might appear in the movie as the main villain. But so far only Coldblood has been confirmed as one of the villains in the third installment. Coldblood is also a formidable opponent of Iron Man in the comic books but he is less dangerous than Crimson Dynamo or Whiplash who appeared in the first 2 films. Rumor has it that Guy Pearce is going to be the main villain in Iron Man 3 and he will play the role of Aldrich Killian who in the comic books was more than what Iron Man could handle.


Whatever Marvel has in mind it certainly will be awesome once this film will hit theaters and Shane Black is directing the movie, so you can expect to see something interesting in it.

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