Friday, June 1, 2012

Upper Body Workout For Women

Ever heard a person saying, I’m happy being fat or I never dreamed of a good physique. No, be it men or women, they all want to look hot and sexy. And, hot and sexy means the right physique. Most women hit the gyms to bring out the femininity in their body rather than a woman version of John Cena. One of the best women action artists in Hollywood is Michelle Rodriguez. Her rough and tough attitude in addition to that fabulous body gives her a sex appeal way more that any girly-girl actress in the industry

Women are often not interested in the bulky and heavily built look, they want the lean and sexy look, or in other words they just want to be fit. And there is no easy way to it, you have to work your way to it. Say goodbye to your laziness and say hello to a new workout routine. Upper body workout for women is often given more importance than the rest of the body and trusty me they have their reasons.

The upper body includes the arms, biceps, shoulders, chest and the abs. A good upper body means developing proper muscular balance, developing good strength in the functional areas and also defining the upper body in the perfect or at least closer to perfect way.

Some simple exercises for the upper body workout for women are given below: 

Push-ups are the most commonly used exercise for developing the upper body. The reason being it works out most of your upper body. Apart from the biceps and the chest, the shoulders, the fore arms and also the back get worked out. You can also try different variations of it like, sliding push-ups, inverted push-ups or try them with weights to concentrate on different parts of the body. Another reason for the popularity is you can do them anywhere as no special equipments are required. So, push yourselves up to get a good upper body work out.

Another common exercise is the pull-ups. Similar to push-ups, pull-ups too is a basic exercise where the areas of work are more than one. For most people, pull ups are difficult to pull off. In order to do them right, you need stronger arms, biceps and shoulders. You can try variations of pull-up to start off with. I would advice to begin with assisted pull-ups. Upper body work out for women is important for many reasons and to achieve you have to bring out the tougher side in you.

 You might not want muscular biceps and triceps but strengthening them is a must in order to perform other exercises. Dumb bells are the best way to strengthen them. Dumb bells can also be used to perform variations of many other exercise routines. So, girls go grab yourself a pair and get cracking!

These are just basic exercises to begin with. Create a more complex routine for you based what end result you want to achieve. Getting some professional advice is always recommended and also a diet that would support your workout. As all professionals would say, a good diet is half the work done. Cut down on the carbs if you are trying to shed some weight.

Proper upper body workout for women leaves them with the beautiful and feminine body that you have always dreamed of. So, tone them up and get that two syllable ‘daaaaamn!’ that you have always wanted to hear.

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