Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Workout Schedule for Men

Try to recollect all those posters that you hung in your room while you were young. No! I’m not talking about the Pamela Anderson poster! I’m talking about the Rambo and the Terminator posters. We all dream of having that muscular body but fail to achieve it as time goes by. It isn’t too late yet; you can still have that kind of physique by having a good workout schedule. But, times have changed since the Arnold and Stallone iconic perception of society in general, now it’s the era of lean and sleek, the era of Brad Pitts and Jason Statham’s muscular and strong yet lean and packed body.

Having a Brad Pitt look is healthy, strong and lets you get your way with the women as well. Body building is not just about huge muscle fanatics living in the gym waiting for their puny preys to show up with their credit cards. It is a science that involves a lot of study and experimentation. A muscle can be built in different ways; you can make them massive and strong or just strong. You can make them strong and stiff or make them flexible. All this comes down to what sort of a workout schedule you follow.

A proper workout schedule for men is as important as the workout itself. Working out without a schedule or a plan might leave you beefed up, but often unbalanced or different from the result you expected. Plan it well. Include rest days and also have a properly planned diet. The diet you choose also depends heavily on what you want to get through your workout. Reducing carbohydrates is a must if you are hitting the gym to shed those extra pounds, but if you need to add more mass to your body you wouldn’t have to cut much on the carbs. Get professional advice before starting off.

A good workout schedule must be balanced on your body. Equal importance must be given to all parts of the body. Try working 2-3 body parts a day alternately. For example, work your biceps, chest and shoulders one day and the next day work your thighs, abs and triceps. Depending on your body and what you want to achieve, the workout schedule may vary from person to person.

Including cardio into your workout schedule is also very important. This allows your muscles to expand and also tunes them up. Not to mention the increase it would give to your stamina. Cardio also adds to the flexibility of your muscles. Having a cardio workout is advised even when you're not into body building as it keeps you healthy, burns fat and also energizes your body.

Most well-built actors say in interviews that they only workout 2-3 days a week and you wonder how on earth is it possible to workout this less and still maintain a good physique. Including ample time for your muscles to rest is also a very important aspect of a workout schedule for men. Remember they are muscles, and not machines. So, you need to give them time to relax and strengthen. Muscles need time to rejuvenate as well so, do not forget to add those free days into your workout schedule.

Design your own workout schedule based on what you want from what you have and keeping in mind what you can and you too can have that awesome washboard body every man dreams to have.

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