Monday, July 30, 2012

Batman Beyond Would be an Awesome Take in Hollywood

Warner Bros. Animation's – Batman Beyond was a great cartoon storytelling about how Batman continued years into the future. Obviously Bruce Wayne could no longer go on donning the Batman suit and prowl the rooftops of Gotham as the Dark Knight as he is already in his late 80’s or 90’s. So a teenager who is called Terrence “Terry” McGuiness became the new Batman of the future by accidentally discovering the secret identity of Bruce.

It was widely accepted in Asia, South America and Europe; even I had to admit that the new Batman was pretty cool. I watched all 40 episodes of it and I still watch it in streaming online movies whenever I get the chance. It instantly became my favorite next to Rurouni Kenshin (a Japanese anime’ which Warner Bros. also developed and will be released worldwide this fall) because it had a serious tone to it that is worthy to be appreciated as much as the original Batman animated series was back in the 1990’s. In my opinion Batman Beyond would be as Venom is to Spider-Man and while Hardcore Batman fans would remain true to the classic Bruce Wayne-Batman, I would love to see the new Batman on the big screens in a live-action movie.

The black suit that bears the red bat mark on the chest is as cutting-edge as Wayne’s money can afford. It enhances the user’s strength 10 to 1; it has multiple optical scanners, various batarangs, high explosives, invisibility cloak, rocket boots, grappling hooks that shoots from a pneumatic ejector on the gauntlets, and hundreds of other wickedly cool gadgets. The batmobile can cruise at mach 3, it’s wickedly slick and looks so fantastic even in the cartoons, and Batman can use it to improve his battle tactics too!

Terry’s combat and more importantly his detective skills are not as good as Bruce’s was, the old man can still kick-ass even with a weakened heart and that’s why every night that Terry goes out on patrol around Gotham, Bruce sits behind his computer in the batcave to monitor his actions and guide him through sticky situations, which he often runs into. But his tenacity and dedication to being Batman is as stubborn as his predecessor was. Over all the cartoon run was excellent and it deserves a film budget as much as Warner Bros has put on Catwoman (2004), when Haley Berry wrecked the female superhero role that made movie producers experience a phobia for making a female superhero film ever again. I have nothing against Ms. Berry personally as I am completely aware that she's a good actress, she just ended up with the wrong movie. I'm just saying that if Warner Bros. can risk doing a class C movie, then why not Batman Beyond? It already has a huge fan base and it's absolutely going to be worth it too!

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