Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finally! A Live-Action Adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin

After nearly 20 years since Nobuhiro Watsuki first wrote and published the manga Rurouni Kenshin, a movie has been made under the same title by Warner Bros. and it will be released worldwide on August 25, 2012. I must say that the last 5 years of the decade and the beginning of this one has made my life complete. First I got to see my favorite Marvel superheroes brought to life and we were blest by the talents that gave us Iron – Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, X-Men First Class and of course The Avengers. DC comics also brought in some of its famed heroes to the big screens and franchises such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises; plus the nearly box office hits Superman Returns and Green Lantern. It would as far to suffice if I’ll say that the world can end afterwards. LOL ;)) And now this classic anime hit that has captured the hearts and minds of many fans across the world.

The movie, like most comic book/manga/anime movie adaptation of today, stayed true to the original work of Watsuki, where the protagonist – Kenshin Himura – who has been living his life as a wonderer for the past 10 years since the Meiji revolution ended, met Kaoru Kamiya – a headstrong young woman who fell in love with the stranger of amazing sword skills. However, even though Kenshin left the battlefield of the revolution all those years ago, his enemies have not, and they are hell-bent on taking revenge on him. He was nicknamed “The Hitokiri Battousai” which translates in the Japanese language as “The man slayer that can unsheathe his sword like the gods” by both his enemies and allies at the time when they saw him cut down ten skilled swordsmen in one swing of his sword. Kenshin trained under his master Hiko Seijuro in the art of the “Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu” – a swordsmanship style that is unequaled in feudal Japan, but because most people could only see him fight at the time when he unsheathes his sword, they dubbed his technique as “Battoujutsu.” He moves like the wind that they could only see the unsheathing of his sword, him moving past his enemies in a blink of an eye, and sheathes his sword again as his enemies fall dead afterwards.

The film was developed under a Japanese cast and crew and Warner Bros. will purchase the rights to distribute the film internationally. It will be English-subbed in cinemas although we may get an English-dubbed version of it once the DVD comes out in 2013. Takeru Satoh will play as Kenshin Himura while Emi Takei plays his love interest Kaoru Kamiya and no, we won’t be seeing Shishio yet as the movie covers only the first parts of the story and it’s the blood-thirsty Jine Udo who is going to be the main villain in the movie, he is played by Kouji Kikkawa. Additional characters include Sanosuke Sagara (Munetaka Aoki), the lovely physician Megumi Takani (Yuu Aoi), the spoiled brat but funny boy Yahiko Meyojin played by Taketo Tanaka, the drug lord Kanryu Takeda (Teruyuki Kagawa), and the wolf of Nibu – Kenshin’s arch nemesis – Hajime Saito played by Yosuke Eguchi.

The story plot starts with Kenshin meeting Kaoru in the streets of Tokyo, she mistook him for a wanted man because he was wearing a sword and whacked him with her wooden sword. However, he didn’t strike as a wanted murderer to her so she took him in as her guest; the two eventually became friends as many more people were drawn into their kindness. Both the Meiji government and the sinister Jine Udo have been searching for the Battousai for years. General Yamagata of the imperial army had been wanting Kenshin to fight along his side and Kenshin’s comrades from the revolution, while Jine is disgusted at how the samurai’s had vanished and almost becomes extinct and is seeking for a worthy opponent before he too will fade. He then targets Kenshin thinking that he could only experience glory by defeating him in a single combat. Realizing that Kenshin is no longer the Battousai as he was, Jine kidnapped Kaoru instead and cast a spell on her that could potentially kill her in minutes – forcing Kenshin to revert back to the fearsome man slayer that he was. But I will not continue with this anymore as they might make some changes to the movie too, and I have been waiting to see what it would be like to see a live action Kenshin movie in the big screens.

So see you all at the theaters and here’s a trailer of Rurouni Kenshin courtesy of YouTube: 

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