Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Legend Ends in Tragedy

With the entire Batman cast and crew taking their hats off to say goodbye, the movie this time took an ugly turn when James Holmes unloaded 2 high powered machine guns and a sidearm on unsuspecting victims at the Aurora Theater in Colorado. The aftermath left 12 people dead and injuring 50 other victims in the movie house during the premier night of The Dark Knight Rises. This was a very sad day for Batman fans and the people of Colorado alike, I mean Holmes is just plain sick in the head, he didn’t even had a motive for doing what he did.

The guns that were recovered from him included a Glock .40 Caliber, an AR-15 sub-machine gun and a Remington 870 (12 gauge) shotgun. Reports also said that he threw a smoke grenade into the crowd and had a few extra clips for reload, which would have allowed him to kill more people than the number we got. Luckily Aurora police got to him before he could do some more damage. Christian Bale personally went to Colorado to visit the victims to comfort them, he is the actor who donned the Batman suit in the latest Batman movie.

The movie is now trending at $374,211,359 worldwide after only 7 days since it hit theaters; it clearly has shown a dent on its earnings as the movie makers were expecting a much higher gross income than the two previous films. But it seems close to impossible now with people fearing going into theaters and other public places as they could potentially become a victim of the attack of sociopaths. Holmes, who is a mentally disturbed 24-year old man is now facing criminal trial at a Colorado courthouse and will soon face justice when the jury will decide his fate.

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