Monday, July 30, 2012

Top 5 Highest Earners in the Music Industry

People like to be entertained and while in the old days gladiators and organized bloodsport shows were popular to the Romans, today two of the most popular entertainment engines that replaced the Roman barbarism are Hollywood movies and the mainstream music industry. So let us look who among your favorite music artists makes more money on their paycheck each year.

5.) Michael Bublé ranks at the top fifth spot of this list and the reason is because he gets $70 million a year. This 36-year old Canadian music artist has reached the multiplatinum-status in albums sales since he first started his musical career. His unique musical genre, which is traditional pop with a touch of jazz, his Elvis Presley looks and subtle voice makes him stand out amidst the modern pop culture that tends to lean more towards rap, pop and rack stack boy bands.

4.) The fourth highest paid music artist according to Forbes magazine is Lady Gaga and oh boy you’ll go “ga-ga” on how much she can earn in a year – it’s no little than $90 million! Well where do you think all the money that those clamoring fans paid to see her concert tours go? She’ll get at least 10% of all those profits in her own personal savings account of course, but she did deserve it, after all she displayed a fabulous show.

3.) The British Knight Sir Elton John made $100 million last year after his long and tedious concert tour. This man has transcended across three generations of music fans and has still remained as a big name on the music industry. He is a personal friend to the Royal family of the Queen of England and UK’s national treasure.

2.) The tax revenue of Jon Bon Jovi is higher than what big shot CEOs can make in a year, now imagine how much he earns. Give up? It’s not that much, just $125 million and that is even considered as an understatement, the band hasn’t made any new albums lately and they’re on vacation or on tour most of the time. While the rest of their time is dedicated to product endorsements, which adds up to their annual income.

1.) U2 has remained in the top spot as the highest grossing musical group in the world through the years, and no new face has ever broken that record to date. Their annual income comes close to $200 million! That’s a $70 -$100 million gap between any famous music artists that have come and gone.

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