Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Anti-Hero Film Based on the Possibility of Political Decay in our Society in the near Future

The Wachowski brothers have outdid themselves once again by giving us an entirely different view of the future from the trend that they’ve created in the The Matrix Trilogy. This time they gave us V for Vendetta, the anti-hero anarchist from the graphic novels of the same title published by Vertigo and DC Comics. The film’s script was very eloquent and beautiful yet is also very simple to make out. I remember watching it with a group of people who were the least educated in my community and I thought that they would only appreciate the action sequences that were reserved for the climax of the movie. However, they surprised me because they understood at least 70% of the plot and were even able to relate to it since we Filipinos were also subjugated by the cruelty of Spain some 500 years ago.

Budget and Box Office Tally
The film is basically hewn from a dark storyline since this is a post-apocalyptic future where America and her enemies have finally took the gloves off and rained down thermonuclear war against each other. Leaving half of the world devastated and dead or dying while the rest scouring for food and other supplies due to famine caused by the nuclear winter. For someone who isn’t patient enough, watching this movie might feel melancholic and boring but the character developments and the narrative of the film sets a whole new standard in movies having the same or similar genre.’ Warner Bros. Studios spent $54 million in making the film and the movie grossed to $132,511,035 in worldwide box office sales. If V (Hugo Weaving) had lived through the movie there would definitely have been another sequel to it, but it was good that Warner Bros. Studios played it safe and restricted the story to fall on itself. Still it deserved a sequel nonetheless.

Critic’s and Viewer's Reception
This is the kind of storyline that appears on the radar of film critics and just like The Dark Knight it provoked most of them to give it a positive review. For instance Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 73% overall rank for being a very good film while users gave the movie an 88% score, which is in the neighborhood of films such as The Dark Knight, Avatar and The Avengers that also received positive reviews from various movie critics. Cinema Blend and Empire Online both gave it a score of at least 4 stars for having a good storyline and plot and as for me I’ll give it a 5 star rating with a 95% score for having a great script considering it was adapted from a graphic novel. It was money well-spent on a class A movie for Warner Bros. Studios and I hope they’ll make more films like this one in the future.

Alan Moore’s work on V for Vendetta (originally titled Warrior) conveys the conventional reality of our world and how a fascist partisan or organization can take away our freedom by inundating us with fear. Thanks largely to the efforts of those who have written and defined the laws of democracy we can choose to avoid a dark and gloomy future like that portrayed in the film. The Wachowski brothers rewrote the plot to make it more appealing to our time. The action sequences and dialogue at the film’s climax where V faces off with Peter Creedy, head of the notorious Finger organization was truly epic. In fact I don’t recall any movie that ever made me said “Whoa!” after watching the subway fight scene. The acting was also splendid! I mean Natalie Portman could easily pass herself up as an English woman and Hugo Weaving, oh man, I felt like I could see his face even when he was wearing a mask! That’s how good the acting was, you won’t be disappointed I promise. I’d recommend this film to anyone who enjoys watching a movie as much as reading a novel; I guarantee that you will almost not notice the difference between it and the graphic novel.

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