Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are You Game?

What You Need to Include in Order to Create the best Desktop Specs

Computer gaming nowadays will demand the heavens from your desktop PC and if you miss just even one aspect of the specs details of your computer, can spell a mile of error in the game’s performance. Therefore it is good that you start building your desktop PC equipment by equipment and select the top 10% brands in the industry that will match your every gaming need. The reality of the situation is that it is the CPU or central processing unit of the computer is the part that matters most in gaming, which is why I will keep this blog post brief and concise because the other PC peripherals will depend on your budget and discretion in playing the game.

Here’s a short list of materials:

Mainboard/Motherboard – this is where everything fits in and this platform should be the best that the computer industry can offer, as you will be putting in all the necessary peripherals into it. So it must be compatible with the latest processor lines of Intel and AMD, it should also have enough space for system memory or RAM, it must have expansion slots for graphics cards that it will allow you to do crossfire connections, so your computer can keep up even with the latest games in the market; and it should have access ports for newer peripherals like the USB 3.0 or the latest development of HDMI etc.

Core Processor – currently Intel’s Core i7 series is going head-to-head against AMD’s Phenom II X6 series with clock speeds of up to 1333MHz and 4 or 6 cores internally built. This allows for an ultra high resolution and faster real-time processing gaming experience. You can pick either of the computer industry’s only commercially competing devices for hardcore gamers. There are pros and cons but I suggest you try it for yourself and be the judge of which processor is the best.

Graphics Card – the prevailing circulating myth about the graphics card is that whoever’s got the biggest memory allocation wins. I’d hate to disappoint those who still cling to this notion because it isn’t true. So now that you know this what should you look for in a graphics card? Good thing you’re reading this blog because I’ll be giving you exactly what you’re looking for! You will need to pay attention to the RAMDAC speed, GPU clock speed and of course available memory and more importantly make sure that your processor is capable of handling the high end of these specs before you buy one. You must also learn about its pipelines and shaders as these are extremely important in giving the game its maximum resolution possible without causing the processor or the graphics card itself to breakdown.

RAM – you have to understand that today’s OS (operating system) alone are consuming 15% of the total system memory in your computer, and so if you’ll install just 1GB or 2GB then don’t expect your computer to do miracles for you because it’s just downright impossible. The best thing for you to do is by a motherboard with memory expansion slots that allows for a 16GB or higher RAM. So even if some of the running programs consume 15 – 30% of it you‘ll still have plenty to allocate to your games.

HDD – PC games nowadays takes up at least 20GB of your HDD space so buying a measly 160GB HDD won’t do you any good. My advice is to get at least a 500GB or if you can buy a much bigger disk drive then the better. The fact of the matter is you will probably not be satisfied with just one game, for instance you’ll be playing Need4Speed, or Call of Duty, or Crysis, or Assassin’s Creed or other strategy games; therefore you’ll need to start with a huge disk space so you won’t have problems about it later.

Here’s a rough estimate of the cost of the materials:

Mainboard/Motherboard - $50 to $350
Processor - $85 to $205 for AMD Phenom 2 X series and $100 - $340 for the Intel Core i series
Graphics Card - $90 to $600
RAM - $14 to $450
HDD - $88 to $398

You decide what kind of monitor you will use it could be those 15-20 inches desktop monitors or you can use those 30-40 inch LCD/LED TVs for a better view of the game. Please take note also that the price list I included is for the higher end of computer gaming, you can choose the lower hierarchy to this but gaming experience will be different. Nevertheless you work on your budget if you have enough then buy the best parts if not then do what you can with what you have. Good luck and happy gaming!

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