Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can One Truly Become a Superhero in the Real World?

Superhero films are what’s trending right now and with everything that’s been going on, people would wish they had one to save them. But if we break it down to real world physics, how the government will react, how it will affect your personal life and all the other factors that could or could not make it work, is it really possible? Hollywood seems to have presented our superheroes quite impressively and makes it look like it could be done. So let’s pick out the most likely superhero from the pages of thousands of comic books that can work in our world.

Batman – you may think that the cape crusader might really work on the streets of your town, but knowing Batman it would be very difficult to find someone who possess the right skills and physical capabilities that resembles closely to that in the comic books. Consider this:

Batman relies on…
  • His martial arts skills, which is the equivalent of a level 12 Ninjitsu expert, but throw away the “disappear in the shadows” ability, because it doesn’t work here in our world. At best he could take on 5 guys at a time in close-combat-quarters and his opponents are only lightly armed (i.e. knives, batons, baseball bat, wrench etc.) and no guns.
  • His detective skills, which I have no problem with because anyone can learn to become a good detective, but maybe not as exceptional as the Batman in the comic books.
  • His vehicles – now these ones can cost you millions especially if they are rigged with various weapons similar to the ones Batman used in the comic books. They’ll have to be fast, heavily armored and stealthy very much like the hero that rides them.
  • His equipment – typically Batman has all sorts of gadgets that he can use to turn the tide of any circumstances towards his favor, but if you’ve noticed closely most of the devices he used worked out for specific situations every time he goes out on patrol. It doesn’t work that way in our world because here anything can happen, you could get mugged or a psycho could just unload an AK-47 on you without warning. Seriously, how many things can you carry in your utility belt even if they’re miniaturized? The way I see it is that you’ll have to know exactly what it is that you’re dealing with before you can engage it, otherwise it’s your funeral. So no, you being Batman in the real world just won’t work, sorry.

The Punisher – Francis Castle isn’t exactly the good ol’ do-good superhero that many people like, he’s a murdering vigilante who preys on criminals and low lives. True all those weapons and ammo will definitely work but you’ll get taken down by the cops or the feds in less than a month. So being The Punisher here in our world still won’t work.

Iron-Man – first of all the arc reactor technology is at the moment impossible to create, unless of course you can create a super stable element that can split the nucleus of atoms without causing a thermonuclear explosion, then go ahead and try. Basically the Iron-Man suit can work in our real world but the power needed to use it does not exist. But that’s the least of your worries. Do you really think that the government will let you fly around loose crossing international borders and causing trouble that could lead to a regional or world war? No, I don’t think so.

Even though we live in a messy and imperfect world we would do better if we worked together for the good of everybody, instead of waiting for a superhero to save the day. You can start by doing your part.

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