Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feels like Doing Some “Mercenary” Work in a PC Game

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

EA’s 2008 release of its proprietary franchise “Mercenaries” (Mercenaries 2: World in Flames) was among my favorite role-playing games. It had a solid storyline and an attitude that kinda gets me interested in a game, especially with the lead character Mathias Nielsen, an Irish mercenary for hire that was hired and then double-crossed by Venezuela’s oil tycoon Ramon Solano. The antihero who also happens to be a soldier for hire became Venezuela’s unlikely hero when things between him and Solano got personal.

The Game
Overall I would give this one a 7 out of 10 score practically because the game allows you to do whatever it is that you want. You can shoot, blast, throw a grenade, drive, steal, run over pedestrians (which is one of the things I loathe in the game), swim, call in a helicopter pick up or a weapons and ammunitions delivery or even a vehicle delivery from your hired pilot Ewan. There are probably other things that you could do in the game that I may have missed but basically you’re the boss in the game. The life-points quickly regenerates even after a combo hit from an assault rifle, a .50 caliber machine gun, RPG or a 20mm cannon. The missions are not exactly difficult to carry out but making the right connections with the characters in the game is. It’s a fun game that lets you take a peek into what a mercenary’s life is like.

If you’ve got a high-end desktop then you will truly be satisfied with the graphics of the game. I’m using an MSI motherboard with 1333MHz FSB, an Intel Core2Duo 2.9GHz processor, an ATI Radeon 4760 Graphics Card, barely 2GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD. I let 2 (12GB and 13GB) games download in the background while I played the game and everything ran smoothly and I encountered no problems whatsoever. I also set my monitor’s resolution to maximum and the details were crisp with crystal clear scenery. Some say that the PlayStation 2 version of the game was a disappointment, well I did play this game in PS2 and there was too much fog in the background that you almost couldn’t make anything out. Xbox and other gaming platforms did fine with it also.

The Verdict
The verdict is simple; don’t play this game in PlayStation 2. LOL! No seriously I would have preferred it if they made a third sequel to this game, but sadly Mercenaries 3: No Limits got cancelled by Electronic Arts due to the heavy criticism it received from the people of Venezuela, stating that the game is overly politicized and killing the Venezuelan Leader, whether in a game or in real life is no joke. Why don’t they just make it “Mercenaries 3: Rounding up Drug Lords” or “Mercenaries 3: Eliminating the Mafias?” Anyways we’ve got a lot of Tom Clancy’s games lately and they are as cool as the Mercenaries games, so let’s get over it and move on to the next gaming pleasure.

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