Saturday, August 11, 2012

From TV Series to the Big Screens

Movies that did not Make it to the Box Office despite being big hit TV Shows in the Past

Being a part of the 1980’s generation I was among the lucky people who enjoyed famous TV shows like The A-Team, Miami Vice, 21 Jump Street, The Transformers (Animated Series), G.I. Joe and a lot more; and now to see them flash in those 30 by 50 foot screen in the cinemas is just an indescribable joy. I have no complaints whatsoever even though most of them did fair in the box office. But hey who’s paying attention?! Almost everything now is commercialized and people who are in the entertainment business are like going crazy just to get the attention of the masses. I still think that the films deserved a kudos from long-time fans who have been dying to see another episode of their favorite TV shows, except this time they’ll get a 2-hour + condensed version of it with 50 million-ish to some hundred million-ish budget movie.

My top three favorite TV shows were:

The A-Team
Now I’m no major movie critic but like you I know when my favorite TV show gets screwed up if adapted for a live-action film, like The Incredible Hulk 2008. However, I usually don’t hang on to the little things that most critics think may have contributed to the film’s failure. For me The A-Team movie was a huge leap from the TV series and it was like a complete retelling of the original tale, citing the second Iraq war as where it all began instead of having 70-year old vets from the Vietnam war running around the screens (from the original TV series plot).

But I think we already have a movie like that too! Remember R.E.D. with Bruce Willis and the rest of his super spy gang? It may have just came out on a bad timing and people now are divided with their interests, from being a major sports fanatic, to a comic book fanboy, or an all-girls drama anthology group. So you can just imagine the number of people being pulled away from the movie by a huge sports event or a comic book convention in San Diego or somewhere, or even a new addition to the cast of “cry me a river” TV series. The generation that lived through the TV series now have families and some have passed away, so the movie feels a lot like new to them and not something that they can relate to. It cost $110 million to produce and grossed to only $177,238,796 in the box office – not enough money to make a sequel; it will be a long shot even if 20th Century Fox will dare to make one. On the brighter side of the news both the director and the actors express interest in being part of the sequel.  

Miami Vice
Another 1980’s TV series turned into a big screen movie that flopped is Miami Vice, I really don’t understand what happened to the movie, I mean it’s a good cop movie and all but again I reckon that most of the TV series fans are now gone and this generation’s movie fanatics are not familiar with it or the film for that matter and may have ended up watching the Twighlight vampire flick or some other film that came out on the same day as this movie did. This movie also cost $135 million to produce and grossed poorly also even though two of the hottest stars in Hollywood are in it, namely Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell.

21 Jump Street
Perhaps the only hit TV show of the 1980’s that made the same score in the box office is 21 Jump Street, starring funny man Jonah Hill and teen heartthrob Channing Tatum, well that explains a lot! For a $42 million budget grossing to more than 5 times the cost to make the film in the box office is truly a certified hit and you can expect a sequel or two along the way as well. As a matter of fact they will begin the film shooting for the sequel this coming fall according to IGN. So here we are again musing about what could have or might have been but reality check will hit you in the head and tell you to wake up and stop dreaming about the sequels (except for 21 Jump Street). After all is said and done I still think that these films were good enough and deserved a box office reception like they did back in the days of their TV shows counterparts.


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