Thursday, August 30, 2012

Going through The Cold Light of Day Movie

Just seen this movie in DVD and while it is not a box office material it is, however, worthy of some attention, especially since it has a great cast. It is one of those class B+ suspense/thriller films that you’d enjoy on your weekends or any other night before you go to bed. The action is realistic and not overdone and the supporting cast was perfectly placed so that newbie Henry Cavill (Will Shaw), the main character of the movie, can express his acting without any hesitations.

Anyways the story’s plot intertwines Martin Shaw’s (Bruce Willis) secret life in the Central Intelligence Agency with his family, which led to their abduction in exchange for a mysterious briefcase that he retrieved earlier and (thought) that he had already turned it over to the top C.I.A. officials. His eldest son Will has just arrived from Los Angeles, California to join them on a week-long vacation in their yacht in Spain. The rest of the family who were already there waiting for Will was his mother Laurie Shaw (Caroline Goodall), his younger brother Josh Shaw (Rafi Gavron) and Josh’s girlfriend Dara (Emma Hamilton). 

As they set sail close to the Spanish coastlines Will was not very much into the sailing trip because he just learned that his small company competing in Wall Street became bankrupt. He was assigned to hold the boom vang of the yacht steady but being preoccupied with his cellphone, the boom accidentally swiveled and hit Dara causing a small cut on her eyebrow. Will and Martin almost clashed in a brawl because Martin threw Will’s phone over the starboard side of the ship for not paying attention to his duties. Will’s luggage did not arrive with him in Spain so he just went off swimming to the shore to buy some medicine on his sleeveless shirt, camping shorts and walking shoes looking silly all the while.

When he returned the yacht wasn’t where he left it and so he asked around and went over the hilltops to look for it. Finally when he boarded the ship everyone was gone and the ship looked as if it was ravaged by pirates, although that idea was too farfetched because there hasn’t been any pirates in Spain for like 500 years now. Will went to the cops to report the matter only to find out that they were also working for the criminals who kidnapped his family and before they could take him too Martin showed up to save the day.

They went on to meet with Martin’s C.I.A. contact Jean Carrack (Sigourney Weaver) who flipped and gone rogue in order to sell the contents of the briefcase to terrorists. But she needed a fall guy to take all the blame for her betrayal and it was Martin. She had him shot by her right hand man Gorman (Joseph Mawle) using a sniper gun positioned from the rooftop of an adjacent building nearby. Will now on the run redialed his father’s cellphone from a certain name in the phonebook that keeps appearing in the call log. A woman’s voice told her to go to a certain place, unknowingly Carrack and Gorman had already been there killing Martin’s contact also and used the girl as bait to lure Will into their trap. Luckily Will was carrying a gun and held them up before they could make a move on him but Lucia (VerĂ³nica Echegui) who was the mystery girl on the phone picked up her father’s gun and tried to get back at Carrack and Gorman for what they did to him.

The two rookies were no match for battle-hardened agents, fled to the roof and made their escape. This time Will was hit at the back, bleeding to death Lucia took him to the only place she knows where they’ll be safe from Carrack who was on their tail – her dance club where she works as a dancer. Will also got an unexpected call from Zahir (Roschdy Zem) a member of the Jewish MOSAD who was trying to recover the briefcase from Carrack. Will had asked for the help of the club manager and his bouncers to hatch up a plan that will (probably) get Carrack and the briefcase in one shot.

They caught Gorman who was snooping around the club and made him think that he escaped, however, Will and Lucia followed him to Carrack on an underground parking lot where she’s on a meeting with terrorists in order to sell the briefcase. Will was trying to approach them quietly but Zahir jumped him and held him up a corner telling him not to interfere. Unfortunately, Carrack and the others heard them arguing and there was a crossfire between her group and Zahir’s men. Will chased Carrack across the streets of Madrid but his Peugeot was no match for Carrack’s Range Rover. As Carrack was about to finish them off Zahir placed a bullet in her chest, recovered the case and Will leaving Lucia to the paramedics.

Will’s family was finally released as Zahir made the proper connections with the good agents who cleared everything up for Will. He was reunited with his family at the hospital where they introduced themselves to Lucia who happens to be their half-sister actually.

Although the movie did not fare well in the box office making only almost $11 million, but character build up-wise it is good, and you can focus on the story itself because there are no CGI effects to bother you with. The film is okay but not very good though.

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