Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm missing the Old Kick-ass Action that Blade brought to Hollywood

In the beginning vampire stories were not smoochy and cheesy as Twighlight, that’s why I believe that only the movie Blade brought a level of respect and seriousness to the genre’ like no other vampire movie could. For Marvel Blade was a test run to see how the public will react to it, because they’re planning to introduce a lot of their comic book characters into the main stream of Hollywood movies. And sure enough it worked.

Clearly there are no happy endings in a vampire story it’s all about blood and death, and only the strongest will survive. Fortunately we have Blade on our side because the rest of his kind wants us for their happy meal. That is the true essence of vampires, their impulses and drive to feed will overshadow their need for love or other emotions. The person that once was is no longer and only his or her animalistic instinct remains, to make a vampire fall in love is just utterly ridiculous and unrealistic even in the fantasy realm of storytelling.

The antihero in this story, portrayed by Wesley Snipes couldn’t have had a more burning reason to hunt down the vampires that killed his mother and turned him into some kind of monster that’s less than a dignified human being. He sees himself as the consequence or judgment to their actions, and he believes that the only justice they deserve is death. He is also as angry at himself as he is with them because he could never be accepted into a human society, denying him the opportunity to socialize and have a personal life even if he was capable of it.

The movie was an instant box office sensation grossing to more than 3 times the budget to make the film. And even as Spider-Man, Dare Devil and The Hulk were coming out on the big screens; the popularity of the movie hasn’t diminished. It even had a sequel called Blade II and the third film called Blade Trinity – all are consistent box office earners. While there were a few fans of the Blade comic books the films has created its own Blade pop culture and even now fans like myself still want to see Wesley Snipes back working with Marvel to bring a new Blade film once more.

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