Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jackie Chan’s Long Path to Fame

Born "Kong-sang Chan" Hong Kong’s top rated real life martial artist and all around funny man Jackie Chan’s career as an actor, director, stuntman, film editor among other things, is now running 50 years! Can you believe it? Fifty years of movie making and he gained worldwide recognition when he finally conquered Hollywood in his 1996 film Jackie Chan’s First Strike and he’s been in Hollywood ever since as well as made more than 20 movies. It looks like this athletic, cheeky and lovable actor has no plans of retiring yet, as his “Charlie Chaplin” antics still amazes the crowd even now.

The full swing of his Hollywood career started with the Rush Hour trilogy by Bret Ratner (X-Men The Last Stand, Horrible Bosses and the TV show thriller Prison Break). It then continued with Shanghai Noon and its sequel Shanghai Knights and again in Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 as well as The karate Kid with Will Smith’s son Jaden. Despite all of these box office hits, however, he is still far from going on a solo act as he fairs better when teamed up with Chris Tucker or Owen Wilson, where the chemistry works really good even with the movie bloopers that they show at the end credits, which is Jackie’s trademark by the way.

The guy can act too you know, I mean we’ve seen the despicable role he played in Shinjuku Incident 2009, but I guess he needs to work a little more on his English rather than his acting. Or maybe he just needs to work with good directors like Harald Swart, John Stevenson, David Dobkin or Ang Lee. I wonder how he’ll perform with Michael Bay or Peter Jackson or Wolfgang Petersen. Maybe they’ll take him to a level of performance he’s never done before in his acting career. Nevertheless he is an awesome entertainer whose achievements in life deserves the applause from all of us.

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