Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Music Artists Who Made Movie Appearances

Once upon a time the movie industry and the music industry respected each others boundaries, but lately a lot of music artists have crossed over to Hollywood and appeared in movies – some even switched careers. Apparently the producers and managers of these artists think that getting screen time for their rockstars and popstars on music videos, TV interviews and concert tours aren’t enough. So they often break a deal with movie producers to have their artist-employee either make a short movie appearance or a cameo, or get a movie deal and put them on a lead role or something. Let’s see who made good movie appearances.

  • 50 Cent – Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson made several movie as well as TV appearances since 1993. Among the films that he was spotted in include The Boiler Room, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, The Hangover, Morning Glory and Setup, where he teamed up with veteran actor Bruce Willis. Curtis looks like the average thug in most of the films that he appeared in, but he is as good a performer in front of the camera as he does behind a microphone.
  • Will.i.Am – perhaps his most noticeable role was when he played as John Wraith (a.k.a Krestel in Marvel comics) in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He had the power to teleport himself in short distances, but he also made other movie appearances including Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa, Rio, The Other Guys and Hot Tub Time Machine. I’d prefer to see him sing though because he’s very good at it but he did a good job with supplying the voice of Moto Moto in Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa.
  • Beyonce’ – this woman carried herself so well whether in the movies or singing songs, I think she was very fly and natural in The Pink Panther movie. But don’t be mistaken because this girl will make you catch your breath if you can’t keep up with her fabulous songs.
  • Billy Idol – Billy Idol made a short appearance in The Wedding Singer when he helped Adam Sandler get Drew Barrymore back from her playboy husband-wanna-be Glenn.
  • Eminem – this rare breed white rapper starred in his own movie 8-mile where he teamed up with veteran actress Kim Basinger, and was critically acclaimed for his role.
  • Gwen Stefani – Stefani appeared in Zoolander as herself when she met fashion model – turned psychopath - Derek Zoolander played by Ben Stiller.
  • Ice Cube – cool and slick rapper Ice Cube has appeared in films as Ghost Of Mars, XXX: State Of The Union, Torque, Are We There Yet? and Boyz N The Hood. He has been as long as in the movie industry as he is in the music industry, Ice Cube is the perfect guy that can go between the lines that separates the movies from the music.

While most movie critics protest these artists crossing over to an industry that they were neither trained for nor know much about, some of them can display acting potentials, which is probably why they can switch or just swing careers. Whatever is the case I’m glad that they got the opportunity to explore their other talents other than singing and writing songs.

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