Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Review about the Movie Stealth

The military, particularly the U.S. military has been among the favorite topics that Hollywood movies are based on and in 2005 Rob Cohen expanded his impression on how the future of stealth aircraft would become in his movie Stealth. It was supposed to be a completely different take from Top Gun but eventually having a movie plot that involves 3 of the best pilots in the U.S. Navy (some considered in the entire world); it was inevitable that people compared it with the previous film having similar theme where Tom Cruise starred in. 

Okay, so the movie isn’t about the 3 sky masters at all but about an A.I. (artificial intelligence) futuristic aircraft going rogue and threatens to start a new world war. Actually saying that is an understatement because what really happened is that the creator of this ultra high-tech machine who goes by the name of Dr. Keith Orbit played by Richard Roxburgh did not anticipate that his DNA-based computer evolved to become a person. Yes that’s right, a person with feelings and instincts now learning from the 3 pilots who were Lt. Kara Wade played by the hotness Jessica Biel, playboy jigelow Lt. Henry Purcell played by academy award actor Jamie Foxx and Lt. Ben Gannon played by handsome actor Josh Lucas. Unfortunately it also inherited the cocky and rebellious attitude of its wing commander Lt. Gannon, which caused it to disobey orders and went off flying on its own seeking a new target in order to fulfill his purpose.

So the movie is really about an extremely smart UCAV or otherwise known as (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) getting a mind of its own, and not a Top Gun parody as most critics suggests. In any case I think that those who are fans of the military technology are the few who could understand what’s going on in the film and most of all appreciate it. True it flopped in the box office making only half of its production budget but it was quite interesting to see giving a computer the same processing speed and memory allocation as any human being has. It explores the horizons of your “what ifs?” questions. 

As far as the action is concerned I would have to say it’s awesome because I know how aerial combat works and how effective superstealths like the F/A-37 Talon and the UCAV E.D.I (Extreme Deep Invader) are in combat as was portrayed in the movie. You can find my article here published in a magazine in UK, it talks about the Brazilian FX-2 program where they are preparing to select an air-superiority jet fighter for their own air force. Like I said before you can only truly appreciate this film if you’re a hardcore fan of military hardware and computer programming and applications. The acting is not bad, I mean we got Jamie Foxx on board here come on! In case you don’t know he’s already won the best actor academy award for his outstanding performance in Ray. His co-stars are just as incredible we got Jessica Biel who has been in several men's magazines for being HOT and mind you she’s also a good actress. I think I remember her best in the TV series 7th Heaven as one of the preacher’s children, she did a great job there also. Josh Lucas is fairly new but to be included in the cast of an Ang Lee film as the antagonist Glenn Talbot in The Hulk (2003) means something, Lee has an eye for picking his actors in his movies. Plus the guy has got good looks, so what more do you want?

The movie is definitely not good for kids below 15 years old unless they’re researching about computer programming or quantum mechanics or anything unusually high-tech stuff. But for all other ages, yes I would recommend it and it may help if we read into something related to the movie plot before judging it. However, I don’t think everybody has the luxury of time to do that with all the ads and movie trailers coming out bombarding our brains and getting us all excited about it. It’s a good film to pass up the time if you’re on a weekend break or just hanging out with friends at home.

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