Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Top 3 Favorite Female Music Artists

Most guys like hot women but hot women that can sing; now that’s something else! It’s almost like making a rare find – a diamond inside a brittle rock or discovering a new species of crabs and that’s my particular taste in female music performers, they just glow like the sun when I see them sing on MTV. You get drawn into them first through their beauty then later on their talent and personality and then you become a fan. That sort of intimacy is rare among fans because while others only want to be entertained, you, on the other hand, want something more extraordinary.

My first choice would have to be Rihanna although 10 years ago I would have picked Mandy Moore, but hey this is 2012 now and she’s the new face of pop music and she’s good. She’s recently been on a movie called Battleship and oh man she looked so fine in uniform also! Now there’s someone who’s got beauty and talent that everyone adores. I absolutely love her songs like “Love the Way You Lie,” “Birthday Cake,” “Cold Case Love” and “We All Want Love.”

Taylor Swift
Next in my list is Taylor Swift, this girl has elevated country music into a contemporary pop music that was widely accepted by fans all over the world. Songs from her various albums made it to the top 100 charts in the billboards and instantly became radio hits, they include “You Belong with Me,” “Picture to Burn,” “Love Story,” “Teardrops on my Guitar” “Our Song,” and “Tim McGraw.” The conservative western style of Taylor Swift makes her easily lovable and her ability to write excellent songs and make outstanding musical arrangements is exemplary.

Carrie Underwood
This 2005 American Idol winner has been rolling on with success after success in every album that she has sold. Her Christian roots brought her up early in music particularly on gospel songs and she professed her faith in her song “Jesus Take the Wheel.” She’s also the conservative type but I’m old-fashioned so sue me. LOL. Her popular songs are “Just a Dream,” “Before He Cheats,” “I Told You So,” “Last Name,” “Ever Ever After” and “Cowboy Casanova.”

More than just being hot and pretty they are beautiful and talented also and that’s why I like these 3 female music artists. They got all the right stuff to make it work whether on stage or elsewhere.

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