Thursday, August 16, 2012

On the Verge of Getting My Blog Indexed by Google

I’ve been working on my blog a lot lately and I think I have put in more content in the last 2 months than in any other time that I can remember. I have also tried to get it indexed by Google, but it turns out that they are very particular about their rules, especially if you want to publish your blog and monetize in Adsense. But it will be worth the wait as all the time, effort and money you’ve invested in will return to you in the form of a monthly check courtesy of Google. You could retire early from work if you want as your monthly revenue will increase if you just take good care of your blog and keep it interesting.

Here’s what I did to improve my blog:

  • Checked for Plagiarism: here’s a link that explains what plagiarism is and last month alone my blog was rejected twice for it. As it turns out I wasn’t aware that there were duplicates to words, sentences, phrases and paragraphs of my blog posts and I had to purchase credits from Copyscape just to make sure that my content were all 100% original and not copied from another blog post or article.
  • Added more Textual Content: my blog was also rejected for not having enough textual content that essentially attracts visitors. So I managed to add 30 blog posts in about 6 weeks time, which was so tiresome, but I sacrificed my time and effort to write 300 to 1,200 words articles just to get it approved.
  • Got a Lot of Backlinks: I went to the top 100 blogs or blogs that have a page rank of 3 and higher and post relevant comments there linking my blog to theirs. I also created articles in article directory/submission sites to generate more backlinks. So as you can see this is how Google demands from you just to get your blog indexed and that is why you must be very patient, because I tell you it’s very easy to give up. And you know what they say about giving up – it’s for losers
  • Joined other Blog Sites: I have recently joined Blog Buzzer and got one of their premium accounts for $19 a year. It lets me share my blog to more than 2,000 other bloggers in their list and generate a lot of web traffic, which thus gives your blog site more impressions or click throughs per minute. The more visitors you drive to your blog the more money you’ll earn and that’s the primary reason why I joined Blog Buzzer. 

I’ll be resubmitting my blog for indexing in about a month or two from now (just making sure lol), and then if it does get approved, then I’ll be more financially free with what I get each month. Hope I’ll make it this time.

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