Sunday, August 19, 2012

On a Weekend Movie Marathon

What do you do during your weekend breaks? Go see your family and spend time with them? How about watching a sports game or do some extreme sporting activity yourself? All of us must have different hobbies; however, there will always be a time when you get stuck in a moment and you need to pass up the time there. My advice is – don’t fight it just go with the flow get your home theater and DVDs ready and watch a movie or you can also get on the internet and watch them online. It’s not to encourage you to not be the active individual that you are but I think that’s what are houses are for, to let us have a relaxed quiet time, you can even read a book or do yoga or whatever pleases you at the time.

Recommended movies to watch…

1.    The Avengers – the movie is now available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV & iTunes and Hulu Plus, so whichever site you have registered you can just go there and watch it on your 42-inch plasma TV. Watch all your favorite Marvel superheroes packed in an explosive movie that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.
2.    Resident Evil Quadrilogy – while it may not be so nice watching blood splatter all over your TV screens as Mila Jovovich fights off the brain-dead zombies that came right out of your worst nightmares; it does make up for all those video games you’ve played about Resident Evil.
3.    Tower Heist – this is a good all around movie about a greedy boss who had stolen his employees’ life savings and placed it in a scam investment portfolio. These 3 movies should be enough to make your boring weekend a bit colorful, but of course you’re welcome to try other things also.

Catching up with your favorite TV shows online
If you have missed a couple of episodes or the entire season of your favorite TV shows due to some unforeseen circumstances that happened to you at the time they were airing it, then this might be a good time for you to do some catching up to do. Netflix and other online streaming sites offer a variety of your favorite TV shows collection, including Supernatural, American Idol, Two and a Half Men, V, Castle, Nikita, Chase, Biggest Loser, House, Gossip Girl, Dr. Who, Private Practice and a lot more.

So get your popcorn ready and be on the couch on time for the show to start and enjoy your movie marathon weekend.

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