Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Over Urbanizing will cause the Ground to Sink

Our modern civilization has been around for more than 200 years now, but over urbanizing our cities could cause dire consequences. Have you ever wondered that all those high rises, highways, roads, bridges, houses and other infrastructure could put too much stress on the ground where they are stacked? Well guess what? Scientists actually confirms this fact and the added pumping of deep underground water for farm irrigation systems makes it even worse, because without water supporting the bedrock, the whole ground will sink in less than a hundred years.

We have never seen these effects before because the underlying cause for those past civilizations’ demise was war, famine or drought. One hundred years from now we might just be forced to abandon our cities for lack of water supply, the ground giving in under our feet, the economy collapses, food supply shortage and everything in between, which will eventually lead to violence.

Too much weight
On the average 1 square city block on the financial district could put a stress on the ground of more than 30 tons per square inch, while in residential areas it drops to around 11 tons per square inch. The city’s population largely depends on the city’s very own water supply facility, and usually the water being processed and delivered to its residents come from large rivers and fresh water lakes nearby. Still some private homeowners, farmers and building owners prefer to have a deep well water supply system on their property as a backup. A few hundred feet below the surface there’s deep ground water reservoir, this ground water actually keeps everything intact and without it we wouldn’t have any top soil leaving everything around you a barren desert waste land. But that’s what people are exactly doing right now, well good luck in bringing the top soil back because it would take at least 500 years for Mother Nature to do that.

What can we do?
The city of Los Angeles, California consumes approximately 383,186,800 gallons of water per day or that’s almost 2,000 tonnes of fresh water consumed everyday in just 1 city on Earth. Just imagine how many tonnes of water Beijing or New Delhi or Sydney consumes each day, it took Mother Nature thousands of years to process the fresh water we consume and we will exhaust that supply in less than a thousand years if we continue in our current path of growth. We can choose a different water source other than our rivers and underground water; the oceans contain trillions of cubic meters of water. To make ocean water safe to drink all we have to do is to let go through a process called “desalinization.” This will remove the salt in the water so that it will not kill us by dehydrating us further, because that’s what sea water does.

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