Friday, August 10, 2012

Overhauling RoboCop: Will the Audience Accept It?

I heard someone said to me when we were talking about the RoboCop reboot film “just because Iron-Man is cool, doesn’t mean we want to see a remake of the RoboCop movie.” Well that says a lot, I thought to myself because most RoboCop fans still consider the very first film of the franchise as the birthplace of the cyborg cop that we all came to know and love over the years. And now Jose’ Padilha will take a shot at making his own version of RoboCop; among Padilha’s works include Elite Squad, Bus 174 and the TV documentary Brazil’s Vanishing Cowboys – I’m really wondering what Columbia Pictures and MGM are thinking in remaking a very good classic film, I just hope they don’t destroy it with the oversaturated CGI computer effects and a very poor storytelling.

There are already conceptual art renderings as well as a viral video about OCP that can be viewed online (and I’ve also included a YouTube link for your convenience), if you can remember OCP was the leading corporate entity that somehow took over America in the Robocop storyline.

It’s good that Padilha announced that the synopsis and main plot of the story will remain true to the source material, which is officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) a loving husband and father who was then fatally wounded in the line of duty in Detroit in the year 2029. OmniCorp (OCP) being the only company with the means and resources to save his life offered their help in exchange for Alex to become their latest urban crime fighting machine – RoboCop. ED-209 will still be the big robotic thug and hardcore programmed villain in the story with Dick Jones hopefully is still the main antagonist in the story or maybe they’ll bring in a new character having the same corporate greed like Jones did.

Other actors that have signed in to be a part of this movie includes Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Hugh Laurie, Jackie Earle Haley and Jennifer Ehle. Seems like everybody is learning from their mistakes and they lean towards the origins of a comic book or a sci-fi original story (like that of RoboCop) rather than entertain the creativeness of the Director. And Padilha also mentioned that he is going to focus on Alex’s humanity and how he copes with being a cyborg cop later on in the film. So I will be positive and give this film a chance, I mean I am a big fan of RoboCop after all and it’s been 25 years since we’ve seen a RoboCop movie and I kinda miss seeing him again. I do hope that this movie will turn out great!

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