Friday, August 3, 2012

Ryan Levine’s “Through The Trees” Nearly Became a Hit

The multi-talented Ryan Levine is part actor and part musician and recently his single Through the Trees was featured in the movie Jennifer’s Body that starred Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. In the movie the fictional band called Low Shoulder performed Lavine’s single and was had a hand in the murder of Jennifer, when they offered her up to the demons in exchange for riches and fame, which they eventually got. But the real talent behind the nice song was Ryan Levine and you can listen to his collection of songs here.

Levine has only been in two films in Hollywood, one of which is Jennifer’s Body where he played the role of one of Low Shoulder’s band member named Mick; and the other was on a short video called The Cooking Class, where he played the character of David, there’s very little detail about this film that makes it almost impossible to know the bio of Mr. Levine. His only internet portal can be found in, which is an internet radio, while other sites where you can find the song “Through the Trees” claims that they are the fictional band Low Shoulder.

A lot of people liked the song Through the Trees after seeing the Jennifer’s Body movie, and have followed it online. Some even made a music video about it in YouTube and in a rare case made Levine famous. It’s funny because he didn’t get his lucky break in filming but rather in his other talent, which is music. If maybe he’ll come up with more wonderful songs such as this one, then maybe he can launch his musical career into full swing. Until then let’s just enjoy his songs available at the moment.

Here’s a fan-made music video of Through the Trees from YouTube:

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