Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten Minutes to a Mile

No, this isn’t a title of my next single in case you thought that I’ll be trying my luck at music, this is actually about creating a workout schedule that will help you maximize weight loss even with the small amount of time you allocate to your exercise routine. I know that the phrase “no pain no gain” will always remain true for anyone who wants to get fit and in the best of shape, but the idea is not put in all of your chips in one bet. I’m saying that if you spread out your workout routine throughout the entire week, you’re likely to get more results than training for hours each day until you’ll wear yourself out, which will probably make you give up in the end.

Calories you burn through your workout
Hard work will give you great rewards and this is also true for exercising, where the harder you’ll exercise the more calories you will burn and thus the more body fat you will lose, leaving only lean muscle mass and a beautiful body. But did you know that you’re already burning calories right now even by just reading this blog? Sixty calories exactly for the whole 12 hours or more that you’re awake, from your early morning hygiene to the 8 hours of work you do, to coming home and sitting at the couch and reading your favorite book or watching a TV show.

Meanwhile you would be burning 90 calories if you’ve covered 1 mile in 10 minutes of walking, 480 calories for 30 minutes of jogging and 1,000 calories for 2.5 hours of doing the Zumba. Now imagine doing any of these exercises daily or do a variation of them for 5-6 weeks, I’m sure you’ll lose at least 10 lbs off of your body weight, but if you combined these daily workout routine with a reduced amount of calorie intake then the results would be amazing! That’s because you’ll lose more weight in less than the amount of it takes if you follow your regular meals. Your attitude towards food can cause a problem or be the solution in you getting into shape, so be mindful about it at all times.

What to do next
Sort out the days of the week where you think you can walk 1-2 miles, or jog for 30 minutes or do the Zumba or any other heavy exercise for more than an hour, and then setup those days matching a specific workout in each one of them. Preferably you workout 7 days a week but if you feel like too stressed out from work then you can take the weekends off and relax a little, after all 5 days of exercise will do a lot of changes after 5 or 6 weeks. You must also remember to maintain your workout routine otherwise it won’t work towards your favor.

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