Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Basic Survival Skills and Off-Grid Living

You may have heard about the end of the world predictions of the Mayans or the Bible or just about any other theory related to that subject, but now experts are saying that even if the world will not end society might still collapse. One in fact has just happened only recently, in 476 A.D. the Roman Empire fell and what followed afterwards were civil wars, famine and eventually the “Dark Ages” as we know it today. In 2009 A.D. the peak of the American power took a steep dive in the form of the economic recession and already experts are calling it as the “catalyst” for our modern society’s downfall. While the events set in motion by unwilling participants of history may be inevitable, there might still be a chance to avert such cataclysms, or if not, then the alternative is to survive it.

Skills & tools
The first thing that you must do in order to survive the chaos of such an event is to flee the city or town that you live in immediately. Just do the math and think about it, any given number of people could potentially become a mob against you especially if you have something they need. Food, water and energy will be fought over fiercely by just about everyone and alliances will be formed for one cause, which is survival. So if you don’t belong to a group I suggest that you move towards the mountains and rough it out there until things go back to normal or probably indefinitely. Here are some of the skills and tools you’ll need to survive:

  • Knives
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Water
  • Medicine
  • Flashlights and batteries

Make sure that all these can be placed in a knapsack bag that you can carry along with you as obviously you need to go mobile all the time. So if you’ve packed more than what you can carry then that’s only going to slow you down, you need to pack light and move quick. You’ll also need to learn a lot of boy scout skills and basic outdoor survival techniques including:

  • How to make fire through friction
  • How to construct a 1 or 2 storey building
  • How to mix chemicals to make different things necessary to start a new civilization
  • Basic combat skills in case you need to defend yourself or your family
  • Navigation skills
  • Mechanical engineering skills
  • Farming skills
  • Electrical engineering skills and more

Living unplugged
Getting off the grid is now being experimented by a few individuals who have anticipated early the collapse of the system. They call it sustainable living and this is done by harnessing all available alternate energy sources to power up your home or small community, planting localized crops and setting up a harvest cycle in order to continually produce food for consumption. You can check out The Zeitgeist Movement for complete details as they are the ones who pioneered off-grid living.

Learn as much as you can because it’s not only for your good but it's also a key factor for your survival and those who depend on you. Here’s a documentary from YouTube about society’s collapse and how you can survive it:

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