Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Hunger Games is a Modern Epic

I couldn’t make it to the movies last March to watch The Hunger Games and so I tried to watch it streaming online Cinemaplex2.tk and was amazed at its incredible storyline. I thought to myself afterwards ‘I should have made time to watch it in the big screens!’ But anyways you can’t be in two places at once and so I also bought the novel by Suzanne Collins to make up for my misdemeanor. I find that the movie was a compliment to the novel and I have to say that director Gary Ross is a brilliant storyteller as much as Collins is.

There were very little variation between the book and the movie so that it would be as if you’re reading the book when you watch the movie, and in my opinion is very good. I mean why try to tweak something that’s already been fine tuned? I really loved the character developments in the film and aside from the talented actors and actresses; enough time has been given for the audience to relate to the characters in the story. In other words the movie was carefully thought out from start to finish and not rushed, which as a result made a box office debut of $684,040,493! That’s almost 9 times more than what they spent to make the movie and a sequel is already being planned as it had gained a significant worldwide recognition.

Although there similarities to the plot of the movie with The Running Man and The Gladiator, it can stand on its own as something entirely different and new. That’s because it depicted a future that is far closer than any ever conceived, as the eventual downward spiral of the US economy, the wars and revolutions going on in the world may just bring about a post-apocalyptic future similar to the movie. In the film the powers that be sought retribution from rebellion of District 13 through an annual festival called “The Hunger Games.” It is as violent, barbaric and bloody as the Gladiator games back in time of the Roman Empire, but now equipped with modern technology in a 20,000 acre fully automated arena of forest, meadows and genetically engineered monsters.

In the story the countries that once occupied the North American continent have now disappeared and have been replaced by a pseudo totalitarian empire called “Panem.” In order to peacefully co-exist with Panem (who imposed its hegemonous rule over the 12 Districts that span the areas of the former countries of Canada, United States of America and Mexico), they must offer up 2 “tributes” from each of their Districts. The tributes by the way were teenagers who were between 12 and 18 years old. Once selected they are sent to the Capitol and fight to the death in the arena – only one victor will be declared. Like all authoritarian leadership, their demise will come sooner or later and it came in the form of two young people from District 12, namely Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). Their defiance to the games made them heroes and might just trigger another revolt, this time probably throughout all the Districts.

I can say that there are no boring moments in the movie as every scene is as good as another and I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

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