Monday, August 13, 2012

The Latin-American Music Legend – Carlos Santana

Now here’s a guy who’s got as much achievements as Elvis Presley has and gained similar worldwide recognition also. But if you ask fans what they like about him you won’t even hear the word “fame” from their mouths; no they love him because of his unique version of music in which he is the only one who could play the guitar like no one else can. With his musical styles of rock and fusion jazz plus the spirituality he incorporates to his music, makes the term “music is in the soul” more meaningful.

As a 1980’s child I never knew how good Santana performed during the late 1960’s and 1970’s, but I was so glad and amazed at his guitar skills when he came back into the mainstream music industry in the year 2000. He paired up with other famous rockstars such as Steven Tyler from Aerosmith with their song “Just Feel Better”, the lead vocalist of Nickleback Chad Kroeger with the song “Why Don’t You and I,” which was later remixed together with the lead vocals of The Calling - Alex Band. He also paired up with Rob Thomas with “Smooth” as well as Michelle Branch with “The Game of Love.” Due largely to this collaboration Santana won the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals in the 2000 Grammy Awards.

When I first heard Santana’s beat in the radio back in college when I was still a freshmen, I thought maybe I could learn to play the guitar myself and try to play to his tunes. But as it turns out even my most seasoned friends who are, well, good with the guitar also could not duplicate the thousands of notes he played even from those famous songs of his. So I decided that I would be a better listener than an amateur guitarist who would probably need 20 years just to master the guitar chords and notes of “Smooth.”

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