Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Lovely Natalie Imbruglia: Before and After

At the turn of the millennium a new artist emerged from the land down under and by God she is beautiful with those tantalizing eyes of hers and she is no other than Natalie Imbruglia. However, her beauty was overshadowed by her impressive talents as a musician/song writer and singer and in 1997; she proved to the world that she is worthy of 3 Grammy nominations, 2 Brit Awards and an MTV Award for her breakthrough single called "Torn."

Looks indeed can be deceiving but in 2003 she landed the female supporting role in Johnny English opposite Mr. Bean, I mean Rowan Atkinson. However, she wasn’t trying to conquer Hollywood, no, it was rather her exploring her acting talents, and she can act also as a matter of fact she starred in the 2009 drama film Closed for Winter and she’s doing 2 more films due for next year.

Since 2001 Imbruglia has released 4 albums (Left of the Middle, White Lilies Island, Counting Down the Days, a collection of her hits called “Glorious” and Come to Life) and has sold more than 10 million copies of her albums worldwide. She married (now this is the sad part because I wished she married me LOL) Daniel Johns, the lead vocals of Silverchair in 2003 (who also happens to be one of my favorite rock bands) but got divorced five years later in 2008.

She was voted 6 notches down from Audrey Hepburn for being one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world (with or without makeup on). She’s also into modeling (part time) and tattooing some parts of her body with Eastern symbols (i.e. Sanskrit, Chinese, Hindi etc.) and supports various causes.

Nowadays the 37-year old music artist/model/actress/philanthropist hasn’t made any stir in the mainstream media. But in time, who knows? Perhaps she’ll shine brighter one day but I’m sure she’ll still be lovely even then.

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