Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Rock Guitar is the Real Rockstar of the Show

A rare talent is only matched by a great instrument and that’s why I think that the real rockstar of the show, especially in concerts or during a recording session in a music studio, is none other than the lead guitar or if I may call it the “rock guitar.” You see the notes and the chords are already laid out on the fretboard and it’s up to the genius of the guitar player to figure out how they’ll play it in a tune that defies tradition. Most of the time playing the guitar as fast and hitting as many notes/chords or in repetitive intervals of the key or note as they can is what exemplifies them from all other musicians with the same skills.

Since the beginning of the 20th century especially in Southern United States where jazz, blues and rock n’ roll were being given birth to, the quest to find something different in music and other forms of entertainment have been relentlessly pursued by aspiring men and women. You’ve got Harry Houdini who gambled his own life in exchange for recognition, you have BB King who popularizes the “blues” genre,’ the famous pro-women radicalist Amelia Earhart and then there was Elvis Presley – the man who created Rock n’ Roll.

By the time the 1970’s arrived iconic rock bands and rockstars have emerged from the remnants of classical music that were amalgamated to form new kinds of tunes and music that no one has ever heard before. From Aerosmith, to Guns n’ Roses, to Metallica, to KISS, to Creed, Bon Jovi and Alter Bridge you will hear different beats and lead guitar playing styles that are now so much a part of our society. Rock music range from the classic rock n’ roll, punk rock, jazz rock, progressive rock, Christian rock, blues rock, folk rock, grunge, pop rock, indie rock, new wave, psychedelic rock, garage rock and a lot more.

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