Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another Interesting Movie in Cinemas this Week

If you’re fond of thriller films that puts the main character of the story in such a predicament that the only way out is to do something bad, then you’re gonna love Nicolas Cage’s new movie called “Stolen.” It’s out in theaters now so if you want to catch it hot off the grill, then this week would be the perfect time to see it. The movie is directed by Simon West who has worked with Cage before in “Con Air” and has done films such as “Expendables 2,” “The Mechanic” and “Tomb Raider.” That’s an exceptional resume if you ask me. David Guggenheim is responsible for the movie’s script and although he is fairly new he did, however, do a good job with “Safe House” that Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds starred in.

As for the movie’s plot, well things aren’t really that complicated with a suspense movie you know, but getting from A to B does and that’s where all the cast and crew’s credentials come in, because they have a perfect blend to make a movie that will really bring you to the edge of you seat. Anyway Nicolas Cage plays the role of Will Montgomery who is the main character in the story. Will has had to spend 10 years in jail for burglarizing a bank and is believed to have stolen $10 million worth of cash that was never recovered. As he was released from prison 10 years later his former partner in crime Vincent (Josh Lucas) still wants a cut from the money that Will supposedly had stolen a decade ago. 

Vincent kidnaps Will’s daughter Riley Jeffers (Malin Akerman) and demanded the $10 million as her ransom. With no way out Will’s only option to save his daughter is to give in to the demands of his deranged partner. He then was forced to steal $10 million from another bank in order to get his daughter back, but Vincent was not his only problem because Detective Tim Harlend (Danny Huston), the guy that caught him way back, is hot on his tail once again thinking that “once a criminal is always a criminal.” The question now remains, will he be able to save his daughter in time or will the cops get to him before then? Well I won’t tell, you’ll have to watch the movie for yourself.

It’s a good movie and I encourage you to watch it and have fun anticipating the events as they unfold. And don’t forget your popcorn too!

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