Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Favorite Adventure Movies

We all have that inner child in us sometimes and while we cannot indulge in them anymore as we grow older and mature (or society won’t permit it); we always have the movies to escape our present realities and go on an adventure beyond our wildest imaginations. The fact of the matter is that some things would grow into us or is the opposite and we grow into them, and it can be anything from food, clothing, music, plays, books, poems, coin collections etc. For me it’s those adventure films. They take me to the world unknown and sometimes in several worlds of make belief where you can be anything you want to be. A king, a talking animal, a god, a humble farmer anything you can think of can be done.

My Top 3 Favorite Adventure Films Are:

Indiana Jones
This crypto-archeologist/archeologist/college professor/tomb raider/linguist/playboy and all-around adventurer has been my most favorite character when it comes to adventure films and I have seen all of the Indiana Jones film series since before I can remember I think. The twists and turns of the tale of Dr. Jones explores the “what if’s” of ancient civilizations and that they were highly sophisticated than what we thought they were in the past. Some experts and renowned people actually believe the concept of Atlantis, aliens, gods, divine powers etc., but even if they’re not true I couldn’t care any less except for a good Indiana Jones movie.

Jurassic Park
To know that the Earth is 4 billion years old and that billions of amazing creatures have lived here before we ever walked on this planet is already an adventure within itself. To learn that it could be possible to bring back those creatures and see them in real life, now that’s even more interesting! I have been a fan of the study of genetics since I saw Jurassic Park for the first time back when I was just 15 years old; and if time permits it I would go to a western university to study genetics (probably in my dreams). The Jurassic Park trilogy has been a wild adventure ride for me at a massive bite size proportions akin only to 40-foot reptiles. I absolutely recommend these films to kids who are as much interested in these creatures as I am.

The Mummy
The Mummy movies is somewhat a compliment to the Indiana Jones films and is also probably the reason why I liked it too. But it’s not just the special effects that interests me in it but rather the things that I learned about Egypt and all the other ancient kingdoms, which is by my standards in surprises, is breathtaking. Had I been born in North America or Europe I might have become a archeologist or  paleontologist because of the love I have for old stuff, perhaps I truly am old fashioned. The movie is by far a very good improvement than its original back in 1932 both in special effects and story-wise.

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