Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top 10 Songs This Week

This fall the temperature will feel a little better as new singles from trending music artists tops the charts once again! You may have to sing and dance along to the tune of your top 10 favorite songs this week and it’s already getting better and better even at the starting point of September. So if you’re into music just like two thirds of the people of this planet, then you’re gonna want to read and listen to the top 10 popular songs this week.

1.   At number one we have the lovely Taylor Swift with her “wheeeeeeee!!!” We are Never Getting Back Together, which is very pleasing for the ears to hear especially if you have an old boyfriend of a trash that needs to be “taken out.”

2.   Flo Rida stole the second spot in the charts with his sensual song Whistle. Singing from the rocky mountain top featuring a very expensive rest house and crystal clear blue waters of a beach nearby. Here’s the video from YouTube.

3.    Ellie Goulding took the number 3 spot with her new hit single Lights. The music video a semi-retro laser lights background, the soprano and alto vocal combo throughout the song and Ellie’s exotic dances while holding a tambourine, but I think I like her best playing the drums though.

4.   Maroon 5 remains steady at number 4 with another song from their Overexposed album One More Night. The band has had more than 10 years streak of success and they’ve proven more than once that they are still one of the hottest alternative rock bands around.

5.   The new generation Depeech Mode boyband – Fun – comes in at number five with their war beat or anthem Some Nights. These guys truly lives up to their name because their music indeed is fun, but I think they should include the word “surprise” along with that because they keep doing that since their hit single We Are Young.

6.    Carly Rae Jepsen seems to keep the fever burning with her hit single Call Me Maybe. Well what can I say? The girl has got both the looks and that awesome talent in giving it her 100% performance.
7. Wide Awake is fairly new in the top 10 charts this week but Katy Perry’s solid commanding voice and cool beat literally had ripped through the seventh spot now.

8.    Maroon 5’s Payphone also remained in the eighth spot in the music charts and I think it’s not just the incredible music that the band can come up with but their charisma to the fans as well.

9.   Carly Rae Jepsen’s collaboration with Owl City has created another very cool music called Good Time and it even got to the number ninth spot of the music charts this week.

10. Justin Beiber’s As Long as You Love Me (which for a second there I thought was a remake of BackStreet Boys’ version back in 1997) is trending at number 10 in the top 10 music charts.

Have fun tuning in to your top 10 favorite music this week and don’t forget to leave a comment below. Cheers!

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